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Munroe I of Atiera

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His Majesty
Munroe I
King of Atiera

Official Portrait of Munroe
Coat of arms of Atiera (new).svg
King of Atiera
Reign 30 May 2020 - present
Assumed throne 30 May 2020
Prime Minister Isaiah Burdette
Heir presumptive Crown Prince George
King of Galte
Reign 28 November 2020 - present
Coronation 28 November 2020
Prince Prince Michael of Galte
Predecessor King Michael
Margrave of Australis
Assumed 20 February 2021
Grand Duke Daniel Hamilton
First Minister of Pacem
In office:
27 July 2020 - 1 February 2020
Emperor Nicholas Kaos
Chief of Staff of the Privy Council of Australis
In office:
20 January 2021 - present
Grand Duke Daniel Hamilton
Prime Minister Cameron Koehler
Caretaker Prime Minister of Australis
In office:
16 February 2020 - present
Grand Duke Daniel Hamilton
Personal Information
House House of Munroe
Born 5 April 2005
Ontario, Canada
Citizenship Atiera
Nationality Canada
Military service
Allegiance Atiera
Service/branch  Atieran Royal Army
 His Royal Air Force
In service 2020 - present
Rank Atiera-Army-CICInfobox.png Commander-in-Chief
Baustralia HRAF OR-9c (infobox).svg Warrant officer
Commands Atiera Commander-in-Chief
Baustralia Air Sergeant Major

Munroe I of Atiera (born 'Liam Alexander, 5 April 2005) is Canadian born micronational politician, most notably for being the first King of Atiera since the Kingdom's foundation in May of 2020. Alongside Atiera, Alexander also participates in other notable micronations such as Australis, New Virginia and formerly Pacem, where he served as a a senator and as the nation's First Minister between 27 July 2020 until his resignation on the 1 February 2021.[1]

In Australis, Alexander serves on the Privy Council of Australis as Lord-President and Margrave of Australis.

Alexander is also employed for the highly regarded and publicized statistical research company known as Statistic-Dime, where he currently serves on the Statistic-Dime council.

Micronational career

Early career

In early 2019, Alexander and his friends founded a simulationist nation known as the Democratic Republic of Cobra where he served as the Secretary of state until its dissolution later in the year. He and his friends proclaimed Cameron Cezar, former micronationalist and co-founder of Cobra, as the nation's King.

After the dissolution of the Democratic Republic of Cobra, Alexander went on to found two other unsuccessful nation-projects before founding Atiera. These nations were known respectively as the Democratic Republic of Patheum and the Kingdom of Limconia, both of which had little to no government structure and any real life elements, making them both simulationist.

Later in 2019, Alexander first discovered "true" micronationalism, a form of micronationalism which he describes as "serious and legitimate", when he heard about Arkovia. During the time he held citizenship in Arkovia, he was a member of the Genisis council and former Prime Executive Minister of the Foreign Intelligence service Enhanced Government Institution. Alexander has also been involved in a scandal of Arkovian documents being leaked from the EGI he was in charge of. He was also a minister within Promatia, after the name change of Arkovia, until informally renouncing his citizenship later in the year.

Alexander was also active within the Empire of Pacem, which he discovered while browsing Reddit on holiday with his family. He later was recruited as a journalist for the Quo Times. Later, he left and rejoined sometime in early 2020 where he served as a senator and the nation's First Minister. To this day, Alexander proudly states that the Empire of Pacem played a major role in the development of his micronational career.

Present day

On 30 May 2020, Munroe founded his latest and most successful nation, the Kingdom of Atiera, where he is the current monarch, reigning as Emperor of Atiera since 30 May 2020 and King of Atiera since 10 August 2020. He serves as the Head of State and subsequently, Commander-in-Chief of the Atieran Defense Force. He is also the King of Galte, the only colony of Atiera.

On 1 February 2020, he resigned from all his positions in Monmark, Pacem, Vishwamitra, and Maple, also relinquishing any titles and citizenships. He did this to relieve some stress from his micronational life and downsize his presence within the community. He currently serves as Lord-President of the Australissian Privy Council and Margrave of Australis.

Alongside Australis and Atiera, he also holds citizenship in the Commonwealth of New Virginia

Titles, styles and honours


Royal titles

Crown of the King of Atiera.png King of Atiera
Coronet of a Lower Nobleman of Atiera.png Seigneur of all of Atiera

Noble Titles

  • Margrave of Australis


National honours

Foreign honours

  •  Australis
    • Member of the Order of the Grand Duke (1 January 2021) [2]
    • Member of the Order of Hamilton (6 April 2021)
    • Award for Special Friendship to the Grand Duke (6 April 2021)
Ribbon bars worn by Munroe I
Royal Order of Munroe - Ribbon - Sovereign.pngOrder of Atiera - Ribbon.pngOrder of the Crowned Stars - Grand Star.pngOrder of King Isaiah Burdette I - Ribbon.svg
Ribbon bar of the Order of the Heart.svgOrder of Independence (Monmark) - Grand Cross-ribbon.svgOrder of the Crowned Lion (Monmark) - Ribbon.svgKnight - Order of Dawn.png
Order of Diplomatic Service Merit - Ribbon (Special Class).svgRoyal Family Order of Purvanchal - Grand Commander - ribbon.svgOrder of Freedom - 1 - Grand Cross.svgAirGCM ribbon.svg

Styles of Liam Munroe

Styles of
Munroe I of Atiera
Cypher of Munroe I - Atiera.png
Reference styleHis Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleSire

The common title of King Munroe I is:
His Majesty, Munroe I of Atiera SROM, POA, KOA, GCS

The full title of Munroe is:
His Majesty, Sir Munroe the First, King of Atiera and Galte and His other Realms and Territories, of the House of Munroe, Seigneur of all of Atiera, Sovereign of the Royal Order of Munroe, Protector of the Order of Atiera, Grand Star of the Order of the Crowned Star, Member of the Order of the North

In Australis, his title is:
The Right Honorable Margrave Liam I of Australis

Personal symbols

Coat of Arms

Cypher of Munroe I - Atiera.png
Coat of arms of Atiera (new).svg Liam Munroe - Full CoA.png Coat of arms of Liam Munroe.svg
Royal Cypher
Coat of arms as
King of Atiera
Personal Coat of Arms
Coat of arms in Baustralia


Liam Munroe - Banner of Arms.png Liam Munroe - Banner.png
Royal Standard as the King of Atiera
Banner as the King of Atiera


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Munroe I
House of Munroe
Born: 5 April 2005
Regnal titles
New title Emperor of Atiera
30 May 2020 - 11 August 2020
Replaced by the title "King of Atiera"
King of Atiera
11 August 2020 - present
Heir presumptive
Crown Prince George I
Preceded by
Prince Michael of Galte
King of Galte
21 November 2020 - present
New title Seigneur of all Atiera
17 January 2021 - present
Military offices
New title Commander in Chief of the Atieran Defense Force
26 June 2020 - present
New title Grand Marshal of the Atieran Royal Army
26 June 2020 - present
New title Grand Admiral of the Atieran Royal Navy
26 June 2020 - present