Mouzilo A Ethniki

Mouzilo Alpha Ethniki (Greek: Άλφα Εθνική Κατηγορία Μουζήλου, literally "First National Category of Mouzilo"), also known as A Ethniki and The First National League, is the top division national football league of Mouzilo.The league was formed in February 2020 and started play on 1 April the same year. Unlike all the other leagues in Europe, it follows the American league system, in combination with the familiar to Europeans promotion and relegation system. The league consists of 8 teams split in two conferences (or divisions), and the regular season runs from April to May, with teams playing 14 games each. The champion is decided in the post-regular season playoffs. Another peculiarity of the league is that it is simulated, owing this to the lack of infastructure.

A Ethniki
Founded2020 (de facto)
First season2019-2020
Number of teams8
Levels on pyramid1
Relegation toB Ethniki
Domestic cup(s)Royal Cup of Mouzilo
TV partners1TM
2019-20 Season

The league is organized by the Football Federation of Mouzilo as a closed league system with the B ethniki, meaning that only specific clubs are allowed to join in the nation's leagues. 3 of A Ethniki's teams were founded specifically for the league and are managed directly as franchises by the Federation.


2019–20 season

Logo Club Founded Location Titles
Northern Conference
  AEK Mouzilou 2013   Mouzilo n/a
  Ethnikos 2017   Mouzilo n/a
Knidos Club 2020 Knidus n/a
Pammouziliotikos 2020   Mouzilo n/a
Southern Conference
Aegina 2020   Aegina n/a
  Royal Analipsis Club 2019   Analipsis n/a
Caps FC 2013 Hagiopolis n/a
  Royal Mouzilo Eagles 2013 Hagiopolis n/a


Regular season

During the regular season, all clubs in the league play against each other, once at home and once away, for a total of 14 games. At the end of the regular season, the top two teams from each conference advance to the playoff round, where they compete in knockout games in the double elimination format (meaning rivals face each other once at home and once away), in the quarter-final and the semi-final. The last two teams standing face off in a single game called the Super Final, the winner of which is crowned the Mouziliot champion of that season. In addition, the best performing team of the regular season is awarded the Community Shield, therefore it is possible for the best performing team of the regular season and the Super Final winner to be different teams.

At the bottom of the conference table, the worst performing team in each gets relegated to the B Ethniki and is replaced by the respective conference's playoff winner of the B Ethniki Playoffs.


Season Super Final Champion Community Shield Champion
2019-20 TBD TBD