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Mouse War

On the 23rd of February 2018 at 4:47am the Kingdom of Neuk engaged in it's only military conflict. The Mouse War was a conflict that spanned all of about 10 minutes. Neuk sent the Kaiser himself and Deputy Prime Minister Neil Carr armed with one box of rat poison and a shovel to engage in warfare with 6 rebel mice who had set up an illegal mouse sanctuary on Neuki Territory. The outcome of the comflict resulted in a decisive Neuki victory. Casualties included 6 Mouse Rebels and the Dignity of the Deputy Prime Minister in an event known as the "Screech" within The Kingdom of Neuk.

The Neuki Mouse War
Mouse War Service Medal.png
No. 2 Yeomanry house, Kingdom of Neuk
Result Neuki Victory
The Kingdom of Neuk Mouse Rebels
Commanders and leaders
Rex. Heath Markus Mousy McMouse-face
2 Soldiers
1 Box of Rat Poison
1 shovel
being small
Casualties and losses
1 Man's Dignity 6 Mice