Most Serene Principality of Rubenia

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Most Serene Principality of Rubenia

2013 — 2014

Rubenia flag.pngCoat of Arms of the RubeniaAlt.png

Map of the Republic of Viadalvia
Green: Rubenia
Capital cityKroondam
Official language(s)Dutch
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- PrinceRueben I

The Most Serene Principality of Rubenia was created as a pricipality in 2013 as a puppet state of Viadalvia under nominal Viadalvian sovereignty. It was founded by Prince Ruben I, To avoid that Rubenia rebels. the nation was split into many enclaves Although Rubenia had its own court, police, prison, currency (Rubenian Duit), and an army of 10. Viadalvia maded the laws for Rubenia, As Ruben's final year of secondary school began to come to a close, Viadalvia annexed Rubenia

Viadalvia recognized the Rubenian State, as did several other states, such as Dolmenia (also a Viadalvian puppet) and Garristan