Most Serene Monarchy of New Brundwhick

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New Brundwhick

Pride and Industry
Inno Nazionale della Repubblica
Texas, United States
Capital cityUrland
Largest cityBrunland
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)no religion is official
Short nameBrundwhick
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
EstablishedJune 9,2017
Area claimed83.9m²
CurrencyUS Dollar, Silver-Standard Shilling (&)
Time zoneBrundwhick Time (UTC 6:01)
National sportcompetitive smimming
National dishBrundwhick Steak
National drinkRoot Bear
National animalBlack Vulture
New Brundwhick is subject to change due to it's early development

(website in consideration)

New Brundwhick, officially The Most Serene Monarchy of New Brundwhick, is a small landlocked micronation founded on June 9, 2017 and consists of part of the monarch's bedroom and a large portion of his home's back patio. NB is a member of the UAMW but has no influence due to its small size and government.


Before New Brundwhick, there was the Principality of Urland. Urland was the king's first attempt at creating a micronation going so far as claiming his entire bedroom and even making a currency, The Urland Dollar. The Urland Dollar was backed up by Bitcoin, the exchange rate being 0.01 BTC to the Urland Dollar. Sadly Urland was short lived, the nation being abandoned shortly afterwards, as the king had no interest and a lack of knowledge on how to run a government or economy. In Honor of the past, the capital city has been named as such and has been founded on territory that once was Urland.


New Brundwhick (The Most Serene Monarchy of New Brundwhick) was founded on June 9, 2017, after it's creator days prior created an account for the online game Nationstates naming his country the same. The largest piece of territory was anexed the same day, officially making New Brundwhick a reality. The flag was also commissioned on the 9th. The next day, the official NB currency was created, The Silver-Standard Shilling, with the first bill being the 4&. On the 11th, the 5&, 10&, 50&, 100&, and 1000& banknotes were created and the 4& was put out of commission. The National Coat of Arms was commissioned the same day.

Law and Government

-New Laws

For a law to be put into effect, the citizens, provincial governments, and king must vote. If 2/3 or more are for the law, it is put into effect by a set date or immediately.

-Kings Term and Election

An election for the king is held every 8 years, with a king having a limit of 4 terms in office. The citizens, provincial governments, and electoral college vote for the next king. The candidate wins the election if 2/3 vote for him.


Crimes committed result in fine or in extreme cases deportation of the criminal, some crimes include:

-Theft, fine of 500&

-Vandalism, fine of 578&

-Public Indecency, fine of 1000&/deportation to U.S.

-Possession of Drugs, deportation to U.S.

-Possession of radioactive material without licence, fine of 2000&

-Possession of radioactive material over 1000 CPM, fine of 2000&/confiscation of material

-Counterfeit, fine of total value of fake notes

-Possession of computer virus or malware, fine of 3000&/confiscation and termination of illicit software


New Brundwhick currently does not have a military force, but it holds possession of a small arsenal of 2 .17 cal pellet rifles.


The official currency of New Brundwhick is the Silver-Standard Shilling. 1& is equal in value as 1/1000th an oz of silver. as of July 2017, 1&= $0.01623

1st Edition Notes (June 9, 2017 - July 3, 2017)











2nd Edition Notes (July 3, 2017 - )













Defunct Notes

- 1st edition 5&

- 1st edition 10&

- 1st edition 50&

- 1st edition 100&

- 1st edition 1000&

- 4& (abandoned due to awkward face value)

Economy and Business

The New Brundwhick economy is a minuscule but growing one. In total, there are 2 government owned corporations, The New Brundwhick Postal Service and the New Brundwhick Investment Core. The NBPS is currently the only corporation active, producing the entirety of the country's GDP. As of June 2017, New Brudwhick's GDP= 25&

Logo Name Contribution to GDP Main Product
NB Postal.PNG New Brundwhick Postal Service 25& stamps
NBIC.PNG New Brundwhick Investment Core 0& Cash Bonds


Name Size Population Image
Urland 3.9m² 1
Brunland 80m² 0 Brunland.PNG


New Brundwhick has been part of the Union Against Micronational War since June 17, 2017


Name Score Rating
Economic Potential Index 2.1 low
Categoric-Gradial System of Classification 3.6 high
Boodlesmythe-Tallini System of Classification Bricks and Mortar, Tiny, Statehood 6th world
Micronational Potential Index 1.4 low