Most Imperial Principality of Georgeton

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The Most Imperial Principality of Georgeton
Flag of Georgeton.pngGeorgeton Seal.gif

Torjus Pur
Capital cityGeorgeton City
Largest cityGeorgeton City
Official language(s)English
- Duke of GeorgetonDakoda George
- Chancellor of GeorgetonJeffery McQueen
- Prime Minster of GeorgetonJeffery McQueen
LegislatureLords Council of Georgeton
EstablishedNovember, 2010 & June 2011
Area claimed31.5 acres
CurrencyGeorgeton Elton
Time zone(Central: UTC-6/-5)
National animalDog
Patron saintSaint George
This nation has become a part of Freedomia.

The Most Imperial Principality of Georgeton (formerly the United Kingdom of New Britain and Georgeton and the Most Glorious and Imperial Duchy of Georgeton ) is a micronation originally founded as the Duchy of Missouri in late November 2010, but later renamed to the Duchy of Georgeton. The official language is English and the official currency is eltons. The Kingdom mainly consists of farmland with only some land located in cities. It was formerly a constituent state of the North American Confederation. It was formally reorganized as the United Kingdom of New Britain and Georgeton on January 30, 2011. It was a permanent member of the Freedomian Commonwealth. It fell inactive shortly after it joined the commonwealth and was recreated into the Most Glorious and Imperial Duchy of Georgeton and then turned into the Most Imperial Principality of Georgeton.

Later, effective December 25, 2011, the Most Imperial Principality of Georgeton was consolidated into the Empire-Republic of Freedomia, and became a Monarchy-style province. This was announced to the entire micronational community. It was pacifically dissolved into the Dukedom of Rockforth in the Nation of Burnham.


Early history & The United Kingdom

The Nation was originally founded as the Duchy of Missouri in late November 2010 and did not do anything consequential until mid January 2011, when it changed its name to the Duchy of Georgeton, and declared war on the Slinky Empyre. This resulted in Georgeton being declared war on by the Kingdom of Istoria, Montosh Empire, and the Republic of Ultamiya, and the Peoples Republic of Richland joining Georgeton's side, along with the United Kingdom of Carlington. This conflict was later re-named the Slinky War. On January 30, 2011 it merged with the Kingdom of New Britain to form the United Kingdom of New Britain and Georgeton. This nation was a State in the Freedomian Commonwealth during its inactivity.


In June 2011 it was revived into the Most Glorious and Imperial Duchy of Georgeton by Dakoda George with a new government.

The July Awards

Main article: July Awards (Georgeton)

The July Awards were a system of awards granted to people who earned them starting on July 12, 2011. The recipentiants of the awards were people including Alexander Reinhardt and Aldrich Lucas. It ended on July 31, 2011 by which time 7 awards were granted including three titles of Nobility.

Kirkish Province and Sovereignty Restored

On September 27 Georgeton was under the rule and protection of Kirkland then a few weeks later it was disestablished as a sovereign nation, so Georgish sovereignty was restored and Georgeton took over as Lord Regent of Kirkland.


On November 22 of 2011 the duchy was turned into the Most Imperial Principality of Georgeton. On November 23, 2011 the first new peerage was established, naming Kerstyn Rust, Kerstyn, Duchess of Knighton.

Freedomian Consolidation

Barely a month later, Georgeton became a territory of the Empire-Republic of Freedomia.

Dissolution into Burnham

After Georgeton left Freedomia after a failed coup, it joined Burnham and was offically dissolved into the Dukedom of Rockforth.


Capital Province

Province of Jefton

The Province of Jefton is the smallest province in Georgeton.

  • Governor: Sir Jeffery of Clan McQueen
  • Population: Three
  • Area: Approximately 200 m²(2000 ft²)

Province of Gardington

The Province of Gardington is the second smallest province in Georgeton.

  • Governor: Dakoda George
  • Population: Zero
  • Area: 0.4 hectares (1 acre)



The Government is run by the House of George as the royal family, with the Head of House George as Duke of Georgeton and by the Chancellor. The Lords Council elects the Chancellor every four years. The Lords Council is made up of ten ancestral seats passed down generations from the first Lord of there House.

House of Lords

The House of Lords is a body of nobles made up of either the lower nobles or the nobles who do not have a seat on The Lords Council of Georgeton. There is no membership restriction except that of every person seated must have a title of nobility.

House of Commons

The House of Commons is the elected body of Georgeton. Every four months there are elections.

Foreign relations

Georgeton recognizes all nations micro and macro unless other ways specified. Alliances are of course always welcomed by the Government and so are official friendships and unofficial friendships with other nations.


The Supreme Commander is in charge of the royal Marines, the Army and the Georgeton Guard, the secret police. Policy on war is that only Cold War's can be declared due to the point of cyber wars are pointless and a waste of time.


Citizenship is only granted in two ways. The first one is to be awarded a honorary peerage in which you get honorary citizenship, the second way is through creating a new province.


Main article: Nobility of Georgeton



  • His Eminence, Forest Darr, 1st Marquess of Pepington†


  • His Most Honored Lordship, Jeffery McQueen, 1st Earl McQueen
  • His Most Honored Lordship, Jamey George, 1st Earl of Saint Thomas
  • His Most Honored Lordship, Kenneth Darr, 1st Earl of Brenton




  • The Honored, Sir Thomas Leslein, 1st Baronet Leslein

Honors of Georgeton


  • Order of Georgeton: The OG is the highest award of Georgeton and is granted only to those individuals who have earned it.
  • Order of the Blue Rose: The OBR is the second highest award in Georgeton and is granted mostly to other micronational leaders who have earned it either through good deeds to the entire MicroWorld at large or have helped Georgeton greatly.
  • Order of the Lords Council: The OLC is the lowest knighthood in Georgeton and is granted to those who have helped either Georgeton or the MicroWorld in a small way.

Military honors

  • Order of the Marshalls of Georgeton: The OMG is the highest military award of Georgeton. The membership is restricted to eight of the best Generals in the Military.
  • Cross of Honor: The CH is the second highest military award in Georgeton and is only given to those who have shown absolute bravery in the face of action.
  • Order of the Military: The OM is the lowest military honor there is and is given to those who have helped the military in a small or large way.

Civilian honors

  • Georgeton Peace Prize: The GPP is the highest award that is neither knighthood nor military. It is given to those who have helped Georgeton greatly.
  • Georgeton Citizen Award: The GCA is the lowest civilian award in Georgeton and is granted to those who have shown the best qualities of Georgeton.

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