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  Vəlāyat of the NKUFCP  

Coat of arms
Country NKUFCP
Founded 3 January 2013
Founder Alexander Karapavlovič
Capital None
 - Vali Isabel de la Fuente
Population (16 August 2017)
 - Total 3
Demonym Montrougeux

Montrouge is a vəlāyat of the Nedlando-Khorașanese Union of Former Colonial Possessions, and a former colony of the Empire of Pavlov. It was founded on 3 January 2013, and claims islands in the Mediterranean Sea off the coasts of Algeria and Spain.

National Holidays

The Principality of Montrouge uses the same holidays as the Kingdom of Pavlov.

Date Name
1st of January First day of the Year
8th of July Independence Day
2nd of December Day of the Princess (Birthday of Nina I)
31th of December Last day of the Year

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