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|Flag=Flag of Montrouge.jpg
|Flag=Flag of Montrouge.jpg
|Seal=Hasanistan Coats of Arms.png
|Motto=No motto officially
|Motto=Je Maintiendrai Montrouge
|Languages=[[w:Catalan Language|Catalan]]
|Languages=[[w:French Language|French]]
|Capital=''None officially''
|Capital=''None officially''

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Principality of Montrouge
— {{{type}}} of Pavlov
Seal of Montrouge
Je Maintiendrai Montrouge
Official language(s)
{{{type}}} of the Empire of Pavlov
HIM Emperor Alexander IV & VI
Isabel de la Fuente
January 3, 2013
Admission into the Empire
October 14, 2016

The Principality of Montrouge is a self declared sovereign state founded on the 3th of January 2013. The nation is often referred to as a micronation by outsiders, despite the governments claim to be a independent sovereign state.

Government and politics

The Principality of Montrouge is a Protectorate of the Kingdom of Pavlov. It uses the Cabinet of Pavlov.

The Princess

The current monarch of Principality of Montrouge is Nina I of Montrouge who has reigned since it's formation. Whilst Montrouge is a protectorate, it's Princess has most power.

Foreign relations

Montrougeux diplomatic policy is generally open and is to the discretion of the King of Pavlov on advise from the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Currently the Prince of Sevadolid, Jonathan I holds the office.

Recognised; no relations

Full diplomatic relations

National Holidays

The Principality of Montrouge uses the same holidays as the Kingdom of Pavlov.

Date Name
1st of January First day of the Year
8th of July Independence Day
2nd of December Day of the Princess (Birthday of Nina I)
31th of December Last day of the Year

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