Monarchy of Millania

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Emperor of Millania
kokoning mijanja
National and Imperial Coat of Arms
Ramá II (Carlos I)

since 15 May 2018
StyleHis Imperial and Royal Majesty
erío ramaj
Inaugural holderRamá II (Santiago I)
Formation16 November 2017

Millania is a constitutional parliamentary monarchy, headed by the Emperor or Emperess. The present reigning Emperor of Millania is Carlos of Prieto Ávila, who holds the title of "Emperor of Millania" (kokoning mijanja), since 16 May 2018.


Santiago I took the throne on the 16th of November, 14 days before Millania's foundation. He proceeded to reign through both the Granadine-Cornosian Wars.Emperor Santiago I has announced on 6 May his abdication from the throne, along with his consort, Marcela I. The next in line would be the oldest fit for the job, Carlos Prieto Àvila. He was crowned Emperor immedaitely, because, by law, there is always a Monarch. This also meant the end of the First Millán Dynasty. Two noble houses were be added to the Imperial Roster; House Vargas, and House Avila. Millania is due to change name soon, as the Millan Dynasty has ended its reign. No houses objected to Carlos I taking the throne. House Prieto became the ruling house of Millania, which meant that the imperial family shifted into a new era of rulers. The heir to the throne remained Crown Prince Nicolás. All Millanian realms submitted to Carlos I.


The exact authority and the degree of political power of the Millania monarch has varied from reign to reign. After the coronation of Carlos I, a new rule of law was adopted and the position of the Emperor became more relevant to the internal political procedures of the Empire as opposed to the Imperial Family at large. The monarch now had the power to veto legislative and judicial acts of the Courts and Terataga. Furthermore, the Crown could grant honours to Millanian and foreign citizens, such as that of the Sovereign order of the Eastern Dragon, a position formerly held by the entire Imperial Family.

Full titles

The present form of the royal title was imposed in 2018 by Santiago I. It considerably lengthened the full title, and included the peerage title of the Monarch, which had been excluded from the royal title due to the lack of chivalric orders.

  • H.I.R.M. By the Grace of God Almighty, Emperor of the Imperial Empire of Millania and New Granada, and Lands Represented by the Crowns of the Council of Four, King of Prietstein, King of the Uribians, Sovereign of the Sovereign Order of the Great Dragon of the East, Duke of Risaralda, Duke of Prietona, Head of the Imperial Diet, Grand General of the Millanian Army, Grand Admiral of the Millanian Navy, Grand Marshal of the Millanian Air Force, Primus Pilus of the Millanian Imperial Guard, Head of the Council of Four, Head of the Millanian Commonwealth, K.O.E.D.

List of monarchs

No. Name
Portrait Arms Reign House
1 Santiago I
santiago arkodoga
born 1971
1 December
15 May
House of Millán
Millán Uribe
Emperor of Millania
Ramá I
5 months, 15 days
2 Carlos I
karlos mongrankokoningkorama
born 1941
16 May
1 March
House of Prieto
Prieto Ávila
Emperor of Millania
Ramá II
2 years, 8 months, 6 days

Tree list

Below are all dynastic descendants of Cosme Antonio Prieto Guarín, Emperor Father of Millania. The numbers represent the positions in the line of succession.

  • Simple silver crown.svg Prince Cosme Antonio (1903-1986)
    • Simple silver crown.svg Emperor Carlos I (b. 1941)
      • Princess Claudia Marcela (b. 1972)
    • Prince Antonio
    • Prince Cesar Agusto
    • Prince Enrique
    • Princess Estela
    • (8) Prince Julio Abel (b. 1945)
      • Princess Andrea
      • Prince Camilo
      • Prince José Ignacio
  • Prince José Cipriano (1913-)
    • Prince José Ignacio
      • Prince Rodolfo
        • Prince Mauricio
      • Princess Patricia
    • Empress Consort Nancy Margarita (1945-2000)
    • Prince Amaury
      • Princess Angela Maria
      • Princess Ximena
    • Prince Arturo
      • Prince Amaury
      • Prince Carlos Arturo
      • Princess Julieta
    • Prince Ernesto
    • Princess Marta
    • Princess Piedad
    • Prince Jaime (b. 1943)
      • (3) Prince Luis Fernando (b. 1976)
      • (4) Princess Natalia (b. 1974)
    • (5) Prince Alvaro
      • (6) Prince Juan Alejandro
        • (7) Prince Juan Camilo