Monarchy of Galte

The monarchy of Galte, commonly referred to as the Galtean monarchy, is the mainly symbolic monarchy of the Principality of Galte. The current monarch, Michael I, created and ascended to the throne on 25 August 2020 as the King of Galte, succeeding the position of the President of the Republic of Galte.

Prince of Galte
Coat of Arms of Galte.svg
Coat of Arms of Galte
The Prince of Galte (April 2021).jpg
The Prince of Galte, April 2021
Michael I of Galte
since 28 November 2020
StyleHis Serene Highness
First monarchHimself (As the King of Galte)
Formation25 August 2020

Later, on 21 November 2020, King Michael I and the government of the Kingdom of Atiera decided jointly that Galte would be handed over to Atiera as a colony. 7 days later, on 28 November 2020, Michael I became the Prince of the Principality of Galte under the rule of King Munroe I. To this day, King Munroe I holds the title of the King of Galte.

Powers and responsibilities

Following the passing of the Galte Bill[1] in the Parliament of Atiera, the bill established some basic powers for the monarch to undertake, they are:

  • Serve as the head of state of Galte
  • Head a small territorial government to pass territorial-specific laws and;
  • Appoint himself or another individual to serve as a representative of Galte in the parliament of Atiera.

List of monarchs

Below is the full list of the monarchs of Galte.

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Michael I
Michael Shepard
28 November 2020 –
  (2005-09-30)September 30, 2005
Does not appear Unmarried Living, age 15 years, 308 days


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