Monarchy of Barapai

The monarchy of Barapai, commonly referred to as the Barapese monarchy, is the absolutist system of monarchy currently in use by the Sultanate of Barapai. The current monarch is Sultan Adam Hakeemi ibni Sultan Mohd Badrul Ezan, who ascended the throne in 2019.

Sultan of Barapai
Sultan Adam Hakeemi ibni Sultan Mohd Badrul Ezan

Style His Majesty
Heir presumptive Tengku Fahd
First monarch Sultan Dato' Undang Abdullah
Formation 28 November 2019
Appointer Hereditary
Residence Istana Wira Tegah, Kota Adam

Traditional order of succession

Although Sultan Adam is technically the first monarch, there have been previous generations of people who have been recognized by the Barapese government as the previous monarchs of Barapai. The traditional order of succession is as follows:

Name Born Reign House
Sultan Undang Dato' Abdullah ibni Almarhum Raja Shamsu c. 1870 1902 - 1945 Sarin-Hakeemi
Sultan Abu Talib ibni Almarhum Sultan Undang Dato' Abdullah c. 1900 1945 - 1962 Hakeemi
Sultan Mohd Yusof ibni Almarhum Sultan Abu Talib January 29 1951 1962 - January 29 2001 Hakeemi
Sultan Mohd Badrul Ezan ibni Sultan Mohd Yusof November 7 1977 January 29 2001 - November 28 2019 Hakeemi
Sultan Adam Hakeemi ibni Sultan Mohd Badrul Ezan April 13 2003 November 28 2019 - present Hakeemi