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The Republic of Milvania, more commonly known as Milvania, is a micronation in Western Europe, created on 15 November 2020 with the intention of creating an organizational alternative to the State based on its own culture and traditions.

Republic of Milvania
PNG Bandera Nacional Milvania 1 2020.pngPNG Escudo de Armas 2020 01.png

De parvis grandis acervus erit (Latin: From small things, big things come)
Cartagena, Spain
Capital cityVagena
Largest cityDamuzia
Official language(s)Spanish
Official religion(s)Catholicism, Atheism, Agnosticism and Judaism
Short nameMilvanian
GovernmentFederal Republic
- Consul of the RepublicGaius Artorius Salinator
- SenateTiberius Tarquitius Ruga
Area claimed51,6km²
Time zone(Central European Time)
National sportFootball
Patron saintSt. Ignatius of Antioch



The name Milvania is derived from the Latin Milvus migrans, which refers to the Black kite, a bird present in the national territories.


On 15 November 2020, the micronations of Alcidia and Molidia merged to create Milvania. Some citizens of Anvurna joined the project.

On 16 November 2020, elections to the Senate of the Republic were called, and on 19 November 2020 Gaius Artorius Salinator was elected the first Consul of the Republic.


The Constituent Assembly created the flag and the shield of the nation by mixing the elements of the merged micronations.

Foreign relations

On 29 November 2020, the Treaty on Cooperation and Free Trade between the Republic of Milvania and the Republic of Gamonal was signed.

Full foreign relations and treaties signed

Geography and climate

The territories of Milvania are in a temperate Mediterranean climate characterized by mild winters and hot dry summers, with variable autumns and springs.

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