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The United States of Mobzen was a breakaway state in Delphia that was formed in September 2019 after an independence conference. Mobzen was annexed by Delphia on November 18th, 2020.

United States of Mobzen
Flag of Mobzen
GovernmentFederal Republic
• Independence from Delphia
September 2019


Mobzen was formed after an independence deal was agreed upon between the Delphian government and Mobzen. Delphia held onto 20% of the land while Mobzen received the rest. Mobzen also borders the Fascist Seldavia Reich. Mobzen started its channel in March 2019 as Mob Island to shine light on info about Delphia and Mobzen. It was the largest state in Delphia. Mobzen would eventually become a Natlin territory. Mobzen has went through 3 flag changes in the past. The president resides in the Bluegreen State, one of the two states in Mobzen. Mobzen was annexed by Delphia on November 18th, 2020.


  • Bluegreen
  • Unknown Second State