Misberian Confederacy

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Misberian Confederacy
Confédération Misberian
Kilun Neqqenike
Confederación Misberiana
Misberia Flag.png
DoM 2020 COA.png
National Arms
Motto: Life is but a sapling
Anthem: A Trip to The Grand Banks
CapitalWihke of Aci
Wihke of Azul
Largest cityGreater Songo
Official languagesEnglish, French, Spanish, Passamaquoddy-Maliseet
GovernmentParliamentary Imperial Monarchy
• Madakawando Sakom
Archie Birch
• Witapal
• Vice Witapal
House of Lords
Independence from United States
• Misberian Independence
15 April 2015
• Reformed
23 November 2018
• Imperialization
8 October 2020
• Dismantlement
24 February 2021
• Reformed
6 March 2021
• 2021 estimate
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
CurrencyNES Confier, Misberian Franc
Time zoneUTC-3:00
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy (Songolese Calendar)
Drives on theright
Patron saintStar of The Sea
National animalSnapping Turtle

The Misberian Confederacy, commonly known simply as Misberia, was a self-declared sovereign state that was more commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers. Misberia had its claims primarily based within the U.S. state of Maine, where one the two capitals, the Wihke of Aci, was located, the other, the Wihke of Azul, being located in Mexico; however, Misberia was also comprised of several non-contiguous pieces of land, including twelve Tomkomikes (Regions), four Nehpuhut 'kiskum (Memorial Sites) and one Nicanol (Commonwealth), located on three different continents, and making up a total population of 36. Misberia was bordered by several micronations in the Machias Micronational Hub, including the Commonwealth of Naveria and Reino de Atlia. The largest city was Greater Songo, with a population of 14.

The nation was originally founded on 15 April 2015 under the name Farmia, which was primarily based around the Xbox 360 Edition of the sandbox video game Minecraft. It underwent several changes, and was subsequently renamed Mistak in February 2016. It remained isolationist, before discovering and commencing diplomatic talks with another micronation in Maine called Timberia, which led to the signing of the Treaty of Roosevelt in June 2018, and the two nations subsequently merged to form the Federation of Mistak-Timberia on 20 November, which was renamed to Misberia three days later. In the same month, Misberia made entry into the micronational community upon gaining membership in the Global Micronational Alliance, which communicated via Discord. It underwent a reform and became a Parliamentary Republic in December, then merged with Kingdom of Aspen to form the Aspen-Misberian Empire in February 2019, before Misberia declared independence in March. It would become a republic again, before becoming a Kingdom in July. The nation faced hardship in March 2020 when Archie Birch resigned and many regions left the nation fearing a collapse. Birch announced a hiatus for ten days and on the 14 March, and later brought Misberia back as a Directive Council ran nation. During the Misberian Failed Coup of May 2020, Misberia lost 75% of its population, however many micronations quickly came to Misberia's aid, growing its citizenship count dramatically, as well as asserting Misberia's influence in the MicroWiki community. It reformed into the Grand Duchy of Misberia. In June after minor disputes with much of the community the nation announced a isolationist policy to rebuild, and the nation continued to heavily focus on its cultural development. It became imperial on 8 October, following a referendum with a landslide of 92% approval. On 25 February 2021, Misberia was declared dissolved, and succeeded by the Commonwealth of Misberia-Lygonia.

Misberia had a uni-carmel imperial system, with the last head of state being Madakawando Sakom Archie Birch and the Parliament of Misberia being the main legislative body for the nation. Despite its isolationist policies, Misberia was a member of several intermicronational organisations, including the Plușeni - Lubec Pact, the Grand Unified Micronational, Constantia Pact, the International Aerospace Community, Micronational Heritage Association and the Union Cycliste Intermicronationale. It was also signatory to several conventions. Misberia thrived on multiculturalism, with an extensive culture that represents many differing traditions and values. Misberia was built upon the principles of cooperation, justice, and ecologically friendly values. The end goal of Misberia was to become a town in Maine. Misberians enjoyed a large amount of civil liberties and political freedom; Misberia scored the maximum amount of points on the 2019 and 2020 editions of Statistic-Dime's annual LGBT Rights Index. The nation was also viewed very favourably, scoring highly in the 19th MicroWiki Influence Survey in January 2020, Statistic-Dime's GUM Member States Positivity Survey in July 2020, and the GUM Statistical Secretary's GUM Member States Positivity Survey in January 2021.


Misberia was defined as the historic merging of states between the Kingdom of Mistak founded in 2015 located in southern and northern Maine and the Kingdom of Timberia located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire founded in 2017. The nation had four national languages, English, French, Passamaquoddy-Maliseet and Spanish, which the name of the nation was officially translated into.


Foundation Era

Past flags of Misberia

Misberia was originally founded under the name Farmia on 15 April 2015, and was mainly based in the Xbox 360 version of the sandbox video game Minecraft. Farmia underwent several changes between April and February 2016, before it changed its name to Mistak.

Mistak remained isolationist and was not involved with the wider intermicronational community, until it met the nation of Timberia at Camp Roosevelt in Maine. Following many political talks, the Treaty of Roosevelt was signed on June 2018, and the nations merged to form the Federation of Mistak-Timberia on the 20 November 2018. Three days later, the name was changed to Misberia. In November 2018, Misberia joined the micronational community on Discord via its attainment of membership in the Global Micronational Alliance. Misberia became a Parliamentary Republic in December 2018 and remained that way until it merged with Kingdom of Aspen to become the Aspen-Misberian Empire. The AME remained for one month and Misberia declared independence in March of 2019.

Era of Peace

The nation became a republic once again and remained so until June 2019, when Misberia announced a kingdom. In July 2019, the Confederation of Caloudonoum joined the nation and Misberia renamed itself to the United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonoum, styling itself as a imperial nation with Archie Birch as Tsar. The nation remained the same but had regions like Commonwealth of Terrexa and Columbusstan join the nation in December of 2019. The nation later faced hardship in March 2020 after Archie Birch resigned and many regions left the nation fearing a collapse. Birch announced a hiatus for ten days and on the 14 March, and later brought Misberia back as a Directive Council ran nation.

Era of Rebuilding

Candle lit service in Songo for the passing of Maria and her unborn child on August 1st 2020.

The Misberian Failed Coup of May 2020 commenced, which resulted in Misberia losing[1] 75% of its population. Following the news, several micronations aided with support, and people started flooding in seeking citizenship. This helped assert Misberia's influence in the MicroWiki community. The #HelpMisberia was created on Twitter and Instagram to gain support and help Misberia with rebuilding.[2][3] With the support, Birch announced the Grand Duchy of Misberia. In June after minor disputes with much of the community, the nation announced a isolationist policy to rebuild, and focused on cultural development at during summer 2020. On the 31 August, Maria Birch took her own life, which was a shock to much of the nation and community. The nation went through a period of mourning and partial hiatus during the month of August.[4] The nation worked to remember Maria's legacy and in October the nation held a referendum to go imperial once again, the referendum passed with 92% approval, [5] the nation went further into isolationism for the fall and early winter of 2020 as the nation faced uncertainty over development.

Era of Reconnection and dissolution

The nation faced a minor scandal in December 2020 with Thomas Bainbridge over an attempt to remove him. Following this public approval of Bainbridge steadily declined and on the 21 January 2021, following revelations in other nations such as Nordale and the removal of his HRE recognition, Misberia removed Bainrbridge and severed all ties with the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall, which was seen by many in the community as Misberia's number one ally.[6] [7] On 25 February, Misberia was declared dissolved, and was succeeded by the Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta.



The government of Misberia had a uni-carmel imperial system with the last head of state being Madakawando Sakom Archie Birch, and the Parliament of Misberia having been the main legislative body for the nation. The nation also held two small bodies, the Imperial Advisory Cabinet, made up of the ministers of the nation, and the House of Lords, made up of each Sakom in the nation for each region. The government was lead by a Witapal, with Jamie Birch being the last Witapal of the nation.

Party Overview

Party Parliament Imperial Advisory Council House of Lords Alliance
Parties represented in Misberian governmental bodies
SKP logo Misberia.png Socialist Koninkrijk Party of Misberia SKP
3 / 8
3 / 9
6 / 13
Misberian Free Alliance
SDP logo Misberia.png Social Democratic Party of Misberia SDP
1 / 8
2 / 9
1 / 13
Green party Misberia.png The Green Party of Misberia GPM
2 / 8
1 / 9
2 / 13
75x75px Right Wing Libertarian Party of Misberia RLP
1 / 8
0 / 9
1 / 10
LMP Misberia Logo.jpeg Libertarian Market Socialist Party of Misberia LMP
0 / 8
0 / 8
1 / 10
Independent Party Symbol.png Independents N/A
1 / 8
2 / 9
2 / 13


The following Government Ministries are headed by ministers who comprised the Imperial Advisory Cabinet to the Madakawando Sakom:

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs - lead by Jamie Birch.
  • Ministry of Preservation and History - lead by Luis Marcel.
  • Ministry of Commonwealth Relations - lead by Robert Smith.
  • Ministry of Royal and Imperial Affairs - lead by Anthony Birch.
  • Ministry of Community Affairs - lead by Archie Birch.
  • Ministry of National Health - lead by Archie Birch.
  • Ministry of Socialism - lead by Andrew Franson.
  • Ministry of The Sciences and Arts - lead by James C.
  • Ministry of Technology - vacant.


The Parliament of Misberia was the sole legislature body for the nation; the parliament was elected every four months and was lead by the Witapal of the nation.

Name Party Council Took Office Notes
Seventh Misberian Parliament
Jamie Birch Witapal 3 November 2020 Also serves as the Minister of Internal Affairs
Zanti Pacific Council 30 January 2021
Kor'renn'a Atlantic Council
Anthony Birch Greater Diaspora Council
James C East American Council
Maeve Greater Songo Council
Ministers of IAC
Luis Marcel Greater Diaspora Council 1 January 2021 Minister of Preservation and History
Robert Smith Greater Diaspora Council 1 January 2021 Minister of Commonwealth Affairs
Andrew Franson Greater Diaspora Council 1 January 2021 Minister of Socialism
Archie Birch Greater Songo Council 1 January 2021 Minister of Community Affairs and National Health

House of Lords

The house of lords was a body made up of all the Sakom's of the regions in the nation as well as the Minister of Internal Affairs and Witapal. This body held no legislative power and was designated a place for Sakoms to ask for help and support in their regions, which also acted as the advisory council for the Madakawando Sakom in rare instances.

Name Party Region Took Office Notes
House of Lords
Jamie Birch Witapal 3 November 2020 Also serves as the Minister of Internal Affairs
Jason Reach Timberia 5 August 2020
Drew Tolowa 14 November 2020
Joshua Three Fires 1 December 2020
James C Kecoughtan 4 December 2020
Matthew Xia Cǎo Chǎng 4 December 2020
Weldingo East Holtzrad 5 December 2020
Joe C Greater Songo 10 December 2020
Archie Birch BME 10 December 2020
Jamie Birch Carey Islands 21 January 2021
Kor-renn'a Leenderkapplerbos 26 May 2020
Max Baez Astrolatia 11 January 2021
Zanti Tanesia 21 January 2021


The Dynasty of Masqemus was the ruling house of Misberia. The last head of the Dynasty of Masqemus was Archie Birch, Madakawando Sakom of Misberia. All of those in the line of succession to the Throne of Masqemus were members of the House of Masqemus or are related to it via bloodline, marriage or adoption. The dynasty held some or all influence in nations like zhe Antonian Empire, People's Republic of Adonia, the Kingdom of Aspen and Pyrostan.

Flags of Misberia and Zuhan, side by side. Pictured September 2019

Foreign relations

The Misberian Confederacy established diplomatic treaties and programs through its Ministry of Diplomatic and Community Affairs. The nation did not recognize informal relationships as forms of recognition, and held a strict limit of one to two recognition treaties per month. The nation strived to work with all its allies closely to build a relationship worth maintaining, the nation however did offer mentoring programs for younger micronationalists and micronations.

Type Number Notable
Misberian Diplomacy
Nation or Project Nation 45 State of Sandus, Antonian Empire, Würtige Empire, People's Republic of Adonia
Organization 4 Grand Unified Micronational, International Aerospace Community
Sector 3 New England Sector, Constantia Pact
Convention 7 2019 CDM Accords
Treaty and Pact 6 Plușeni - Lubec Pact
Events 8 24 Hour Quorum (2020), CPS Party Congress Sandus 2020

Tactic recognition

Misberia had seen limited tactic recognition in its time but has had notable events such as the Israeli Ambassador to Cyprus following the Misberian twitter account and a Israeli Delegation Staff member to Armenia following the account.


Misberia had selected Ambassadors and Consuls to represent the nation should the time arise in a specific region or nation. While these roles were largely ceremonial, some had seen interaction with national governments such as the Chief Ambassador to the United States and had sent multiple letters to the State of Maine advocating for action against climate change and Native American rights.

Geography and administrative divisions

The nation was located mostly in the American Northeast and American West with some claims within Central Europe, Midwest America and in the ocean. Most of the nation was located in coniferous forests with flat costal plains being found in the American West, the rest of the nation was made up of small pockets of mountains, islands, deserts and icy rocks located above the arctic circle.


The climate of the nation was based directly on where one is in the nation, if one is in the northeastern United States they will encounter colder weather then on the west coast or in Europe. Most of Misberia was located in the Northeast but there is a large minority of territory scattered throughout the west coast United States.

Climate data for Maine
Greater Songo, BME, Timberia and Old Mistak
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 26
Average low °F (°C) 4
Source: Weatherbase
Climate data for Southern California
Cǎo Chǎng, Tolowa, Astrolatia and Tanesia
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 65.1
Average low °F (°C) 49.0
Source: NOAA (sun, relative humidity, and dew point 1961–1990)
Climate data for The Netherlands
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 42.1
Average low °F (°C) 32.5
Source: KNMI.nl

Administrative divisions

Flag Arms Picture Name Established Population Officials
Wihke (He/She Building a House)
Wihke of Aci Flag.png N/A Aci 3.png Wihke of Aci 5th July 2020 0 Protector

Jamie Birch

N/A N/A N/A Wihke of Azul 5th November 2020 0 Protector

Luis Marcel of Atlia

Tomkomikes (Regions)
Leenderkapplerbos Flag.png Leenderkapplerbos.png N/A State of Leenderkapplerbos 26th May 2020 1 Sakom


Tolowa Flag.png Flavian Nerva.png 20191022 104328.jpg Most Serene Republic of Tolowa 14th November 2020 3 Sakom


Three Fires Flag.png 89x89px N/A Duchy of The Three Fires 1st December 2020 0 Sakom


Kecoughtan Flag.png Kecoughtan COA.jpg Kecoughtan Picture.jpg State of Kecoughtan 4th December 2020 1 Sakom

James Christian

Cao Chang Flag-01.png N/A Cao Chang Picture.jpg State of 草场 (Cǎo Chǎng) 4th December 2020 1 Sakom

Matthew Xia

N/A East Holtzrad COA.jpg N/A State of East Holtzrad 5th December 2020 1 Sakom


Timberia Flag.png Timberia.png 20191014 211430 023.jpg Republic of Historic Timberia 5th December 2020 5 Sakom

Jason Reach

Greater Songo Flag.png AM Misberia 07.png 0191002 163352 974.jpg Kingdom of Greater Songo 10th December 2020 14 Sakom

Joe C

BME Flag.png IGP Logo.png Zuhanese Machias.jpg Federation of B.M.E. 10th December 2020 4 Sakom

Archie Birch

Astrolatia Flag.jpg N/A Astrolatia Picture.jpg State of Astrolatia 11th January 2021 1 Sakom

Max Baez

Carey Islands Flag.png 89x89px N/A Kingdom of The Carey Islands 21st January 2021 4 Sakom

Jamie Birch

Tanesia Flag.png Tanesia COA.png Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 10.45.46 AM.png State of Tanesia 21st January 2021 1 Sakom


Nehpuhut 'kiskum (Memorial Sites)
Caloudononum Flag.png Sunwick.png N/A Duchy of New Caloudonoum 7th July 2019 0 Memorial Site Protector

Madakawando Sakom, Archie Birch

Zuhan2.png Zuhan Coat of Arms.png N/A Zuhan 14th June 2020
AendereseFlag.png 89x89px N/A Aenderia 20th August 2020
Old Mistak Flag.png 89x89px N/A Duchy of Old Mistak 10th December 2020
Nicanol (Commonwealths)
Provisional flag of the Kingdom of the Southern Star.png Provisional CoA of the Kingdom of the Southern Star.png N/A Kingdom of Southern Star 5th December 2020 0 Regional Advisors

Archie Birch for Misberia

Luis Marcel for Reino de Atlia

Anthony Birch for Antonian Empire


Bicycles are commonly used in the Misberian Armed Forces

The Misberian armed forces were founded in November 2018, and consisted of four branches: Navy, Global, Chaplin and Army. The armed forces were used for mapping of the nation, keeping the population outdoors with outdoor activities, and community service, such as helping to look for missing animals, delivering food to sick people in the community and providing snow shovelling services during the winter. The armed forces had twenty personnel that were mainly located in Greater Songo with others being located in other regions like Leenderkapplerbos, East Holtzrad and Old Mistak. The last Commander in Chief was Archie Birch. The armed forces held one military location for meeting and training, Battery Steele in Casco Bay in Portland, Maine.


The economy of the Misberian Confederacy was small with limited use, and was based upon a barter and trade system where goods and services are decided on by the individuals in the deal. The Misberian government had made money through a series of monthly donations from Clynk and redemption center programs.[8] The main currency of Misberia was the Misberian Franc and the New England Sector Confier, the New England Sector Confier is tied to the Passamaquoddy Flag Collection, of which every ten Confiers are linked to a six by six inch piece of flag from the collection.[9] The nation was in three monetary agreements with Pyrostan, which uses the Misberian Franc as its currency, and the Antonian Empire and People's Republic of Adonia which had agreements on the use and recognition of each others currencies within each nation. Misberia had exchanged goods and services with other nations, the most notable being with the Republic of Elysium which was the first of these agreements.


Misberian culture was very unique from other micronational cultures, from the activities done such as the jocular AB Birch Award, awarded for stupidity. Most symbolism and ideals represented a large portion of the North American Continent and Western Europe with some Chinese influences. The first cultural report came out on 31 December 2020 from the Ministry of Culture detailing the Misberian culture.[10] The Misberian nation contained many Internet-based memes, like "bruh" and "based", and the nation itself focused much on the preservation of Wabanaki faith and culture as well as other micronational projects like the Confederation of Caloudonoum and Second Zuhan Empire. The nation also took pride in its education, with Birch University being ran by Archie Birch with support from the citizens of the nation, making it one of the few micronational universities with its leader being a Education major in the community.

Notable cultural sites

Picture Name Purpose Officials Established
Notable Sites
RWS 2.jpg Randouler Weather Station

Greater Songo

Weather Station Weather Advisor


5 June 2020
0191002 163352 974.jpg Maria Birch Meeting Hall

Greater Songo

Meeting Hall Overseers

Maria Birch Legacy Advisory Committee

2 August 2020
Jacobs Beach Picture.jpg Jacob's Beach


Beach Colony Advisor


7 October 2020
20191022 104328.jpg (ᴗ ͜ʖ ᴗ) Rock


None Mayor


14 November 2020

National symbols

Misberia had used several flags and coat of arms over its five-year long history. Including flags that had been modified and completely remade, Misberia had at least twenty-one different flags, its most recognisable being the flags of the United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonoum and the Fourth Kingdom of Misberia.

National flag

The national flag of Misberia was a square with the proportion of 2:2. The left-half of the flag is an arrangement of twelve alternating bars of gold and green; these bars represent the twelve people who were present for the localization order and signing of the constitution on 20 March 2020. On the right side of the flag is a white background with a green deer silhouette. The deer is the national animal of Misberia, and the green represents the honesty and fields of the nation, the gold represents the justice and produce of the nation as well as the sun, and the white represents the peace and prosperity of the nation as well as the white caps of the waves on the coasts of the nation and the snow which brings joy to the younger citizens.

Coat of arms

The design of the coat of arms is; Barry of 12 Or and Vert impaled with Argent a deer statant Vert; for a crest a Indian chief head proper, with the supporters, on dexter a tortoise wielding the flag of the Passmaquoddy Tribe proper, on sinister the flag of Maine from 1901–1909 proper, for a motto "Life is but a sapling".


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