Ministry of the Treasury (Empire of New Prussia)

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Ministry of the Treasury
Agency overview
Formed25 May 2018
JurisdictionEmpire of New Prussia
Agency executive
  • Ann Harms, Minister of the Treasury
Child agencies

The Ministry of the Treasury is an executive government branch of the Empire of New Prussia. The Ministry oversees its child departments of which are the Department of Designing and Printing and the New Prussian Imperial Bank. The current Minister of the Treasury is the Empress Mother, Ann Harms.


For three years, the Empire of New Prussia has used the currency of its host nation, the United States Dollar. Now on June 2nd New Prussia officially has its own currency called the New Prussian Mark thanks to the Currency Act.

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the Treasury are

  1. To observe the economy of New Prussia
  2. Collect any and all money owed to the Empire.
  3. Manage financial matters of the Empire, the New Prussian Assembly and its Ministries