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[[Category:Popular Union of Occitania]]
[[Category:Popular Union of Occitania]]

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Minister of the Spaniard Minority
Nicolás Millán

since 22 May 2018
Term lengthSix months renewable
Inaugural holderLorena Serantes
Formation21 June 2017

The Ministry of the Spaniard Minority, it's a ministry responsible for ensuring respect for and promotion of the Spainard minority.


No. Name Image Term of office Party Government
1 Lorena Serantes UPON.jpg 21 June 2017 22 May 2018 Agrarian Socialism - Communist Party Chkaya (I • II • III • IV • V • VI)
335 days
2 Nicolás Millán UPON.jpg 22 May 2018 Incumbent Latino-Spaniard Party