Ministry of the Imperial and Royal Household (Karnia-Ruthenia)

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Ministry of the Imperial and Royal Household
Coat of Arms of the Ministry
Ministry overview
Formed10 March 2016
Preceding Ministry
Minister responsible
  • Boris, Count of Hohenlitz, Minister of the Imperial and Royal Household
WebsiteOfficial website

The Ministry of the Imperial and Royal Household is the government department responsible for everything to do with supporting the Emperor-King and the Imperial and Royal Family of Karnia-Ruthenia. The ambit of the Ministry's activities encompassed, for example, the supervision and maintenance of the Imperial properties and the management of the Imperial Court. It is one of the ministries created after the signature of the Karno-Ruthenian Compromise of 2016, replacing the Ministry of Finances and Household of the Kingdom of Ruthenia, predecessor state of Karnia-Ruthenia. The mentioned ministry was splited in the current and the Ministry of Finances.

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