Ministry of Treasury (Ikonia)

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Ministry of Treasury
MOT Ikonian wordmark fixed.svg
Ministry overview
JurisdictionGovernment of the Kingdom of Ikonia
HeadquartersUvenia, Ikonia
Annual budgetκ20 (2019 fiscal year)
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Treasury (MOT) is the Government of the Kingdom of Ikonia's ministry responsible for funding the government, providing Kyro, budget planning, and more.

This Ministry is responsible to safeguard money within Ikonia, print currency for all, and to monitor the value of said currency.

The current Minister of Education is Troy, the Duke of Nikodemia, who has been serving since


In 2019, the Ministry of Education was formed to support the backing of the creation of the University of St. Longinus.

List of Ministers of Education

Portrait Name Entered office Left office Notes
TroyKoehler-OfficialPortrait.png Troy, 1st Duke of Nikodemia 24 October 2018 Incumbent Served since the ministry was founded

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