Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ebenthal)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Agency overview
Formed11 August 2014
Jurisdiction Ebenthal
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Portuguese: Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros) is a ministerial department of Ebenthal responsible for conduct the country's diplomatic relations.

The ministry is led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs who is freely named by the Prime Minister. The current Minister is Luísa Somme, Countess of Lorencia.

The office native name was inspired by the Empire of Brazil's.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was founded in 11 August 2014, being the first ministerial office created. Its first minister, the former Count of the Hidden Mound, was to this day the only minister to have ever been appointed by the King for office.

Historically, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the most important and active of all ministerial offices.

List of ministers

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