Ministry of Finance (Abelden)

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Ministry of Treasury
Ministry overview
Formed 10 January 2015
Jurisdiction Abelden
Minister responsible
  • HM Michael I, Chancellor

The Ministry of Treasury of Abelden is responsible for Abelden's financial and economic activities and policies.

The ministry is headed by a Chancellor, either appointed by the Monarch or elected. The ministry reports to the government and controls all the economic activities and encourages local business. The ministry also collect taxes, if ever needed, from citizens.

The current Treasury is HM Michael I.


The functions of the Chancellor of the Treasury and the ministry include:

  • Collecting all taxes from citizens, if ever needed by the government
  • Pay all bills owning to the government and the empire.
  • Manage all government accounts and finances.
  • Maintain a stable economy


Chancellor of the
Abeldane Empire
Current logo of the ministry
HM Michael I

since 10 January 2015
Style The Honourable
Term length At His Imperial Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holder HM Michael I
Formation 10 January 2015

Below is the list of Chancellors of Abelden. The term length is at the Monarch's pleasure.

Term Number Picture Name Town Political party Term start Term end Notes
HM Michael I Alexton Grand Old Party 10 January 2015 Incumbent The first Chancellor of the Treasury since 6 June 2014.