Ministry of Defence (Abelden)

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Ministry of Defence
Ministry overview
Formed6 June 2014
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Defense of Abelden is responsible for Abelden's national defense and all matters regarding the Empire in whole.

The Minister of Defense is responsible for protecting Abelden's borders and all matters regarding national defense, the Imperial Army, Navy and Air Force. The minister also works alongside the Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs as both ministries deal with Abelden's home affairs and foreign affairs at the same time.

The current Minister of Defense is Damian Billbrough, Earl of Brautensland.


Minister of Defense of the
Abeldane Empire
Current logo of the ministry
Damian Billbrough

since 2015
StyleThe Honourable
Term lengthAt His Imperial Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holderDonald West
Formation6 June 2014