Ministry for Culture (Überstadt)

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Ministry for Culture
Agency overview
Headquarters Rosewood
Minister responsible Prince Aaron, Minister for Culture

The Ministry for Culture is an Überstadti governmental department responsible for enacting policy relating to culture and national identity. The current Minister for Culture is Prince Aaron, who is also serving as Prime Minister.


Artists laureate

The Culture Ministry is tasked with commissioning what have been termed in legislation "artists laureate." Those commissioned are granted a small stipend in exchange for the creation of art, literature, and music. This program was established to create the first native Überstadti art, and additionally serves to promote refined culture among the general public.

Holidays and festivals

Under the care of the Ministry for Culture are national holidays established by law. The ministry is responsible for managing the public events and activities relating to these celebrations. This includes operating a sandwich-making competition on the Day of the Sandwich and funding the Independence Day party.

National Archives

The National Archives are a collection of historically important documents and objects kept and preserved by the Ministry. The collection, which is stored in the Royal Residency, includes both signed constitutions, the case file of the famous Dahlman trial, the envelope that held the treasury's funds for nearly three years, and other notable artifacts.