Ministry (Shireroth)

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A Ministry is a subdivision of the Kaiser's power, designed to make handling the nation easier for the Kaiser. Shireroth has had many Ministries over the ages. The following list are ministries past and present:

  1. Ministry of the Interior (Shireroth), Minister Ari Rahikkala.
  2. Ministry of Information (Shireroth), Minister Señor Mysterioso.
    1. Ministry of Research and Education
  3. Ministry of Military Affairs (Shireroth), Minister Prodigy Almighty.
  4. Ministry of Immmigration and Naturalization (Shireroth) (split once into the Ministry of Immigration and the Ministry of Naturalization), Minister Harald of Ettlingar Freyu.
  5. Ministry of Trade (Shireroth), Minister Andreas the Wise.
  6. Ministry of the Exterior (Shireroth), Minister Oroigawa Koreyasu.

See also: Landsraad, Kaiser

Ministries of the Imperial Republic

Ministry of the Interior (Shireroth) - Ministry of Information (Shireroth) - Ministry of Military Affairs (Shireroth) - Ministry of Immmigration and Naturalization (Shireroth) - Ministry of Trade (Shireroth) - Ministry of the Exterior (Shireroth)