Minister of Justice (E.K.)

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Ministers of Justice
(Earth's Kingdom)
Ministers of Justice of Earth's Kingdom
From 5 May 2020
To current
Attual exponent Leonardo Cirillo
In Office 5 May 2020 - current
Politic Party Earth's Democratic Party

The Ministers of Justice of Earth's Kingdom are the Ministers who are responsible for checking that justice is done in all servers, sites and online communications that affect in whole or at least in some way the Earth's Kingdom that succeeded from the 5 May 2020, the first election of the Ministers of Justice of Earth's Kingdom. All Ministers of Justice are also included, according to the Constitution, in the Green and Blue Commission of Earth's Kingdom.
The first and the current Minister of Justice is Leonardo Cirillo, who was elected on 5 May 2020.

List of the Ministers of Justice of Earth's Kingdom

Coat of Arms Minister of Justice's name Ancestry (Family) In Office Election day
Minister of Justice's Arms - Cirillo (Earth's Kingdom).png Leonardo Cirillo Cirillo 5 May 2020 - current 4/5 May 2020