Millan I

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Senate Jaax II
3rd ministry of Iustus
Iustus Senate Seal.png
Date formed 18 June 2018
People and organizations
Head of government Austin Jaax
No. of ministers 5
Member party Iustus Now
Status in legislature Legislative Majority
Opposition party Democracy Party
Opposition leader Marie Gervais
Legislature term(s) 21 November 2018
Previous Senate Jaax I
Successor TBD

The Iustian Senate under Jaax II (formally Patrick I) has lasted from June 18, 2018 – present.


Portfolio Name Assumed
Department heads
Secretary of State Austin Jaax 18 June 2018 TBD Democracy
Secretary of Treasury Tom Sky 18 June 2018 TBD Iustian Topek
Secretary of Immigration and Tourism Om Jucical 18 June 2018 TBD Democracy
Secretary of Date Analysis Nicolas Millian 18 June 2018 TBD Iustus Now
Attorney General Finnigen Hutts 18 June 2018 TBD Iustian Environmentalist Party