Military of ATR

The Military of ATR is the defence force of the Democratic Republic of Annihilating the Rules, aka the ATR. It currently has 21 members, including 10 kids, 8 adults, and 3 licensed battledogs. The three Lords, Lord Alex, Lord Revanth, and Lord Orion, unlike other militaries, fight battles with the Army and Air Force.

Military of ATR
1st Regiment of Freedom Fighters
FoundedDecember 12, 2018
Service branchesATR Army, ATR Air Force
HeadquartersMcCarty Elementary School
Commander-in-ChiefLord Alex
Military ageThe age does not matter as long as you know how to fire a Nerf gun
Active personnel13 (10 kids and 3 battledogs)
Reserve personnel8 adults
Budget$50 (supplied by Lord Alex)
Percent of GDP10%
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HistoryWar against McCarty
RanksMega-Noob, Noob, Good, Cool, A-Some


The military was founded on December 12, 2018, 2 days after the ATR was founded, when Lord Alex wrote a Google Doc suggesting the creation of the military.



There are only 2 weapons allowed in the Military. Those are Nerf guns and stabby sticks, aka pencils. Anyone in the military (excluding battle dogs and adults) must have a Nerf gun/stabby stick at all times.

Army Squads

The military includes many squads.

Squad Alpha

Squad Alpha is used for the immediate attack.

Alex with a Nerf Longstrike sniper, long range. Orion with pistol/shotgun, short range. Revanth with pistol/shotgun, short range. Parker (friend) with pistol/shotgun, short range.

Squad Beta

Squad Beta is reinforcements.

Alex with a Nerf Longstrike sniper, long range. Windsor (battle dog) with teeth.

Squad Gamma

Squad Gamma is adults.

Every adult for every kid.

Air Force

The Air Force has only two members, drones owned by Alex and Revanth. The Air Force is used for recon to scout enemy positions.


Not unlike other militaries, there are ranks in the ATR. The ranks are, in order:

Mega Noob Noob (1 day of service) Good (5 days of service) Cool (9 days of service) A-Some (Month of service)

Everyone starts at Mega-Noob. Every 3 months, the ranks recycle.