Miles, Prince of Copan

HSH Prince Miles was Prince of Copan for just under two months in 2011.

His Serene Highness
The cipher of Prince Miles on the Copanese Regnal List
Prince of Copan
Reign 8 March - 24 April 2011
Predecessor Subnational throne established
Successor Prince Joseph

In December 2010, Declan I, II & V had re-unified the Kingdom of Copan and the Kingdom of the Grove into the Tsardom of Orly. However, distinct Copanese and Grovian identities had developed amongst the Orlian people since the original Caesarship of Orly had been split in two in July 2010.

In January 2011, Tsar Declan's Viceroy had appointed Calum I as a vassal King of the Grove, serving as an official vassal to the Tsar and as a local deputy in the Grove for the Viceroy. The people of Copan were dissatisfied at the lack of a subnational monarch for themselves, and so on 8 March, Declan I gave Miles the throne of Copan, to serve as a vassal monarch and local deputy in the same way.

Miles was succeeded on 24 April 2011 as Prince of Copan by Prince Joseph.