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Microvision 2017

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The Microvision Song Festival 2017 will be the 3rd edition of the Microvision Song Festival. It will be organised by Antares, following Toyoasihara's victory at the 2016 contest in Rino Island with the song "Fubuki", performed by Hayato Konoe. This will be the first time the contest takes place in Antares. The final id on 27 May 2017. Antares is the organizer because Toyoasihara could not organize this event. Fifteen countries will participate in the 2017 contest. Timeria announced their withdrawal. Rino Island did not register without announcement of withdrawal. However Felinitia, Freeland, Iberia, Ipainia, Montiber and Three Flowers makes their first participation. UEGG makes their return since 2015.


Participating countries

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Microvision 2017
Antares 2017
Final date 27 May 2017
Presenter(s) TBD
Director Micronational Broadcasting Union
Host broadcaster   Televisió d'Antares
Venue Ciutat-Castell,   Antares
Winning song Futur, Rosa López   Antares
Voting system
Every country gives 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points.
Number of entries 14
Debuting countries   Felinitia
  Three Flowers
Returning countries   UEGG
Withdrawing countries   Rino Island
Disqualified countries   Navir
Draw Country Language Artist Song English translation Place Points
8   Antares Catalan Rosa López Futur Future 1 91
2   Coria French Céline Dion L'amour existe encore Love still exists 7 53
6   Felinitia Instrumental Victoriano Ledesma Naranjas luces Orange lights 12 20
13   Freeland Polish Jeremi Sikorski Prześliczna wiolonczelistka Lovely cellist 11 49
10   Iberia Instrumental Carly Comando Everyday - 13 19
3   Ipainia Portugese Renato Misiuk & DJ Claudinho RS Real in Rio - 9 47
4   Lundenwic English Tracey Brennecke Cold Hearted - 3 70
9   Montiber Catalan Marina Rossell La barca del temps The boat of the time 10 47
11   Numancia Spanish Hermanos Santamaria Que nadie That nobody 10 47
14   Occitania English & Kurdish Helly Luv Risk it all - 2 86
1   Polanda Japanese Hitomi Ishikawa Koi Love 6 58
12   Toyoasihara Instrumental Hayato Konoe Baby elephant walk - 5 64
7   Three Flowers Occitan Lou Dalfin Sem encar ici We still here 8 52
5   UEGG Spanish Vitamina Vil Árida Manchuela Arid Manchuela 4 64

Other countries


  •   Rino Island - No registration, no reason mentioned
  •   Timeria announced that thy will not participate in virtual events.[1]

Having participated in the past


  •   Navir - A copyright problem who can preventing the dissemination of the festival could not be resolved due to the inactivity of Navir.

Other UMR members that have never participated



MicroMonde (25/10/2016) : [2]

The logo was design by UEGG and elected with 50% of the members votes. After the reallocation of the festival, Antares changed it.

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