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Provisional List of Participants

Microvision 2017
Tokyo 2017
Final date 27 May 2017
Presenter(s) ?
Director Micronational Broadcasting Union
Host broadcaster Toyoasihara.jpg 近衛駿 Yuraku news
Venue Tokyo, Toyoasihara.jpg Toyoasihara
Winning song ?
Voting system
Every country gives 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 points.
Number of entries 8 (registered participation)
Debuting countries PolishRepublicOfFreeland.png Freeland
Ipainia-flag.jpg Ipainia
MONTIBER.jpg Montiber
Cata.png Three Flowers
Returning countries UEGG.png UEGG
Withdrawing countries Timeria6.png Timeria
Country Language Artist Song English translation Selection Method Submission date
EQli KAD 400x400.png Antares Catalan Rosa López Futur Future Winner of DESTÍ: Tòquio 2017 21 January 2017
CoriaFlag.png Coria French Céline Dion L'amour existe encore Love still exists Internal 28 February 2017
PolishRepublicOfFreeland.png Freeland Polish Jeremi Sikorski Prześliczna wiolonczelistka Lovely cellist Konkurs piosenki Freelandu 3 March 2017
Ipainia-flag.jpg Ipainia - - - - Internal 20 March 2017
Lundenwicflag1.png Lundenwic English Tracey Brennecke Cold Hearted - Internal 18 March 2017
MONTIBER.jpg Montiber Catalan Marina Rossell La barca del temps The boat of the time Internal 5 February 2017
Bandera_de_soria.jpg Numancia Spanish Hermanos Santamaria Que nadie That nobody Winner of Objetivo Microvisión 2017 13 March 2017
Flaggyflag.png Occitania English & Kurdish Helly Luv Risk it all - TV Selection 11 March 2017
Banderarinoisland.jpg Rino Island - - - - Internal ?
Toyoasihara.jpg Toyoasihara Instrumental Hayato Konoe Baby Elephant - Internal 27 March 2017
Cata.png Three Flowers Occitan Lou Dalfin Sem encar ici We still here Internal 20 January 2017
UEGG.png UEGG - - - - Internal ?

Last year entries




  • Timeria6.png Timeria announced that thy will not participate in virtual events.[1]

Potential future participants

Other UMR members that have never participated

Having participated in the past



MicroMonde (25/10/2016) : [2]

The logo was design by UEGG and elected with 50% of the members votes.

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