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Micronation Primary Macronation Stance Foundation Capital Population Website (If available) Leader(s)
 Ladonia  w:Sweden Secessionist 2 Jun 1996 Wotan City 17055 http://www.ladonia.org/ Carolyn Shelby
Flagledoff2.png Ledilia  w:Italy Secessionist 14 February 2019 New Gandolfo 32 Davide Ledilinski
 Legatia (AC)  United States Secessionist 25 Dec 2011 Legatia City 9 http://imperialgovabelden.weebly.com/ Elizabeth Legata
 Lehmark  Australia Secessionist 19 April 2019 Lehmark City 36 http://www.lehmark.com William Lehman
 Federal Republic of Lostisland  w:Russia Simulationist 2 Jul 2008 n/a 102 http://lostisland.org/ Yaroslav Mar
 Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic  United Kingdom Secessionist 28 Dec 2013 New Charter 15 https://lundenwic.wordpress.com/ Julian I
Flag of lanevinia.png republic of lanevinia  w:Romania Secessionist 29 november 2018 perla 11 - alexandru