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Micronation Primary Macronation Stance Foundation Capital Population Website (If Available) Leader(s)
Efrasachin Flag.jpeg Efransa United States 11 October 2018 (19 April 2020) Parsrid 76 Ethan
1a-3g4n-f14g.png Egan Canada 10 July 2017 Scammington Unknown Caspian Kimyona I
Real Flag of the Empire of Emosia.png Emosia United States 13 February 2019 Kyber 21 James I
D62659 415b852ea85b4b6e9d480636a23dd622.png Escorvânia Brazil Secessionist n/a n/a Unknown Abbas Al Feres
Essexian reich.png Essexia UK 26 December 2017 Chelmsford 169 Terry
Aspenia Flag1.png Eskar United States 11 November 2018 Maobe 4 Ryland