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Micronation Primary Macronation Stance Foundation Capital Population Website (If available) Leader(s)
Eesha India Secessionist 22 Sep 2010 Kumbakonam 330 http://eesha.5wc.org/ Raj Ramana
Eniarku United States Secessionist 29 May 2015 Palmaire 30 n/a Aaron Meek
Enzoffo Lithuania Simulationist 29 May 2015 Palmaire 6 http://enzoffo.weebly.com/ Povilas Jasiūnas
Erem (SF) Italy Simulationist 1 May 2014 Ezia 30 http://sorrenia.weebly.com/republic-of-erem.html Emanuel Terranova
Erephisia UK Simulationist Feb 2002 Brio 2 http://erephisia.co.uk/ Billy Neil
Erlande Russia Simulationist 30 Apr 2015 n/a 17 http://kingdom-of-erlande.wix.com/erland#!blank/cqg7 Denis Kukunin
Eslanda Russia Simulationist 29 Sep 2011 Hasselwood Rock 40 http://eslanda.com/ Ayrat Kalimullin