Micronationalists attending MicroCon 2019

Micronationalist is the term used to refer to a person (or rarely an animal) who is in a micronation, or involved with micronationalism in anyway.[1] The definition may also be vaguely stretched to include anyone with a passionate interest in micronationalism,[2] though the definition is usually rarely used or is rejected by micronational journalists and scholars.[citation needed]

The term is widely used in the micronational community, especially on websites such as MicroWiki and other micronational wikis, as well as on Wikipedia[3] and countless news sources.[4]

The word may also be used when exhibiting or relating to micronationalism instead of 'micronational', such as "In an attempt to simultaneously realize these objectives, the micronationalist phenomenon has been examined in light of academic and legal research, particularly in connection with traditional international law."[5]


On Wiktionary, an open source dictionary, it has two definitions for a micronationalist "one who believes in micronationalism" and "one who runs a micronation".[6]


The term dates back to at least the 1970s.[citation needed] Throughout the early 2000s and following the creation of MicroWikia and similar websites, the term became widely accepted. In 2008, Colleen Mastony of the Chicago Tribune wrote "Baugh, a 45-year-old father of two, is a micronationalist, one of a wacky band of do-it-yourself nation builders who raise flags over their front yards and declare their property to be [...]".[7]

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