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The Micronational Relations Map is a map created by President Kit McCarthy of the Republic of Mcarthia which shows diplomatic and informal relations between micronations. The map is currently in its infancy. It's been proposed that the Nollandish Confederacy will receive the map from McCarthy and will aid its development.

The Current Map

The current map shows 17 nations: Mcarthia, Nolland, Austenasia, Mercia, the Wuertige Empire, Paravia, Nedland (defunct), the Kid United Republic (now Cinnamon Creek), Universal Triumvirate, Loquintia, New Israel, Zenrax, Siar Fordell, Mancunia, Gremmia, USI, and Beacon City. The current map (version 2), was released on the 24th of September 2015.

Version 2 of the map


The links on the map show acknowledged friendly or diplomatic relations between nations. Not all links are included as the map is still in its early stages.

Aims and Usage

The map is intended to be a tool and information source for foreign relations, micronational politics, and micronational journalism. It is hoped that it will somewhat curb the amount of foul play that occurs by making relations clear and open.