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Micronational Monarchies Organization
Headquarters: Saint-Denis, Réunion
Official Languages: Portuguese
Membership: 9 member states
Establishment: 11 December 2001
Website: OML Official Websiteout of date
Representative: Claudio de Castro

The OML is an intermicronational organization of relevance within the Lusophone Sector, and it is known as a place for friendly debate and not much political dispute. The League's Rules for joining are an example: there is no need for a vote for a monarchist nation who wishes to join. It is regarded as a mostly neutral field for conversations about micronationry.


The Micronational Monarchies Organization (English for Organização das Micromonarquias Lusófonas) was founded in December, 2001, aiming to promote union amongst the monarchist micronations of the Lusophone Sector.

Its founding fathers were the Cordial Kingdom of Kelterspruf and the Empire of Pacífica.

As of September 8th, 2011, the OML's website was no longer active.


Its most relevant members are: