Micronational Gaming Association

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Micronational Gaming Association
Formation27 June 2014
TypeElectronic sports
Managing DirectorDanny Clarke

The Micronational Gaming Association (or MGA) was founded in June 2014 by Danny Clarke following on from the original proposal given by Sebastian Schriber in January 2014 and is an international electronic sports organisation. The idea behind the Micronational Gaming Association is to create a create different electronic sport competitions between those involved in the MicroWiki community by focusing on a largely shared passion, gaming. The first season of games is due to be held in August 2014 and will work as a single round-robin league with each game being a best out of three, with the winner getting 2 points and the loser 0 points. The first competition organised by MGA were the Solo eSports League.

August 2014 Solo eSports League

The inaugural August 2014 Season will feature four 1v1 competitions.