Micronational Football Association Representative Team

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Micronational Football Association Representative Team
Shirt badge/Association crest
Nickname(s)Micronationalist XI

The Micronational Football Association Representative Team, also known as Micronationalist XI is an association football team of representationg micronationalist, the team selects players eligible for any micronationalist team, primarily Micronational Football Association (MFA) and Fédération Micraise de Football (FMF) players.


The team was first started as the MicroWiki VI football team after an idea suggested by Dale National Football Team captian, Danny Clarke to head of the Micronational Football Association, Barnaby Hands as a post PoliNation 2012 football entertainment which was later cancelled. The team was restarted by Barnaby Hands as the Micronational Football Association Representative Team, more commenly called the Micronationalist XI to compete against the Sápmi, Frøya and/or Hitra football teams in the summer of 2014. However, when Sápmi and Frøya pulled out of the fixtures, only leaving the game against Hitra, the final game was cancelled by Barnaby, following the announcement it was proposed that the Micronationalist XI could compete in a 2014 summer tour. However, the proposals never progressed past the initial suggestion and the team once again entered hiatus.

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