Micronational Development Society

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The Micronational Development Society is a intermicronational organization which seeks to help new micronations enter the world of politics and develop their own cultures and governments.


The MDS was founded on December 10, 2009 by Ambassador Michael Flaherty of the Solvo Federation. Ambassador Flaherty was disapointed in the dog-eat-dog mentality from some nations onMicroWiki and the dominance of older states. The main principles of the MDS are to help bring newer micronations to prominent political positions, so that they could work on their own cultures and governments. Another goal of the MDS is to encourage new micronations, to increase the lifespan of these new attempts.


Nations themselves can not be part of the society, however micronationalists can.

Current members

  • Michael Flaherty (Ambassador, Solvo Federation)
  • President James (Dictator, Republic of Danesland)