Micronational Climate Change Performance Index

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The Micronational Climate Change Performance Index (MCCPI) is a scoring system on the basis of standardised criteria, which evaluates and compares the climate protection performance of micronations.


The MCCPI is calculated with the following categories:

1. GHG emissions, also known as CO2-emissions

2. Renewable energy

3. Energy use

4. Climate policy

For each category 1 to 10 points are given (1=worst score / 10=best score). So if there are e.g. many GHG emissions, it get's a score of 2 for example. If the end score is really high (near to a total of 10), the micronation has done a great job.

You give points for each category like this:

1. It's good when there are less GHG emissions (e.g. 10 points when there are no emissions)

2. It's good when there is more renewable energy (e.g. 10 points when the whole micronation is runned with renewable energy)

3. It's good when there's less energy used (e.g. 10 points when there's [nearly] no energy used)

4. It's good, when there's e.g. a big climate change fighting plan (e.g. 10 points when the climate policy is really radical)

At the end you add all the points of the categories and divide them by 4. The total of the calculation is the end score.

Example calculation

The "Kingdom of Examplistan":

1. There are only a few emissions (8 points)

2. There are a few renewable energy sites (5 points)

3. There's much energy used (1 point)

4. There's a small climate change fighting plan (3 points)

8 points + 5 points + 1 point + 3 points = 17

17 ÷ 4 (because of the 4 categories) = 4.25 as the total score


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Micronational Climate Change Performance Index
Rank Micronation Score Statistics company Year
1 Bartonian Eco Flag.jpg Bartonia 7.25 Statistikunternehmen Ayns 2021
2 Hugoland Flag.png Hugoland 6.00 Stats company "Eagle" 2021