Micronational Assembly

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Micronational Assembly
Micronational Assembly Current Flag
Current Flag of the Micronational Assembly.
Headquarter M.A. Discord Server

Anthem Wien Neerlands Bloed, Fantaisie űber di Hollandische Vollkshymne, Op. 35

Official language(s) English

Currency Unum (former)

Members 34 Micronational Delegates
7 Observers

Chairman Jacob Deceuninck

Foundation April 2016
Objective Communication between Micronations, devoted to peace and promoting the common good.

Official Contact(s) Discord

The Micronational Assembly, also known by its initials MA or M.A., is a micronational organisation that is presumed to have been founded in April 2016, on the now-defunct Google+ platform as a community with the objective of being devoted to peace and promoting the common good. The structure of the MA consists of the general assembly, judicial branch, council, and executive branch, which is defined by the MA Charter. The MA is currently active on Discord, and to a lesser extent on MeWe. The MA currently boasts 34 member states and 7 observers as of March 2021. The current Chairman of the MA is Jacob Deceuninck.



Not much is known about the history of the M.A. on Google+ due to the shutdown of the platform on 2 April 2019. The Micronational Assembly is presumed to have been founded in April 2016 as a Google+ Community by an unknown individual, it rose to prominence in 2017 after micronationalists such as Deron for Super President and Free Thoughts and Ideas joined the community. During this time, the MA was interconnected between YouTube and Google+. Later that same year, Nicolas Miranda, one of the owners of the organization at the time, became the Chairman and established an absolute rule over the Micronational Assembly. The absolute rule was met with some opposition as subjected by the landmark legal case The People v Nicolas Miranda. On 31 July 2018, the Charter of the Micronational Assembly was adopted which would significantly shape the modern structure of the MA. On 7 October 2018, Nicolas Miranda resigned as Chair and granted his position to William Wilson. During Wilson's term as Chairman, news spread about the shutdown of Google+, this lead to the organization migrating to the first incarnation of the MA Discord Server. On 9 March 2019, Tsar Stefan I became the Chairman of the MA under the newly developed voting system. In August 2019, Würbec, one of the delegates of the MA, declared war on Saspearian, about a few days later a treaty was signed which ended the war. Emperor Anthony I received a message, in which supposedly Würbec was attempting to puppet Saspearian. A few days later, Anthony I was invited to a group chat with two other people, in regards to what to do with the supposed hostility. One of the members insisted on declaring war on Würbec. Others found out about the group chat and as a result, Emperor Anthony I was kicked out of the Federation of the United States Server. Emperor Anthony I messaged Corvin I on what was happening in the server, which leads to Anthony I being accused of spying. The Terran Civil War had begun as a result of the tensions between Saspearian and Terra. Then it was agreed upon for the nation of Terra to dissolve to resolve the conflict. The Terran Civil War continued on until it ended later that same month. Emperor Anthony I accused certain members of harassment, this lead to a trial in which it was ruled for Emperor Anthony I to be banned from the MA as an executive order. In December 2019, Robert Williams IV Discord account was deleted due to it being reported to the Discord Support team, it was speculated that Emperor Anthony I reported the Discord account which led to the account being deleted, due to Emperor Anthony I publically stating that he reported the Discord Account in August 2019. As a result, the second incarnation of the MA Discord Server was made.

The welcome and rules from the Micronational Assembly Google+ Community.


In February 2020 the Second Charter of the Micronational Assembly was adopted, which was signed by Robert Williams IV. On 24 February 2020 the voting for the MA Council Election of February 2020 was held, later that same day Emperor Anthony I was unbanned from the MA after Robert Williams IV pardoned him and Natlin became the Chairman. Then on 17 July 2020, The second incarnation of the MA Discord Server was deleted due to an unknown reason. The MA Council Election of July 2020 was held on 29 July through 30 July 2020. Hunt P. was elected as the chairman via council vote and election, beginning his term on August 1st. His term would introduce weekly meetings and a multitude of other things but was rife with controversy. The third incarnation of the MA Discord Server was deleted out of Hunt P. due to boredom. He later resigned for the same reason of boredom and appointed Tsar Stefan as the next chairman. On 30 January 2021 Isaac J. White attempted to nuke the discord server to instate his opinion that the assembly should be put to rest for a number of reasons regarding the council members that would be elected. Tsar Stefan I was re-elected to a second consecutive term as the Chairman on 31 January 2021 by the majority of the Council Members who were elected in the January 2021 Election.

Connor Shaw v. The Council

Connor Shaw v. The Council of the Micronational Assembly was a court case that took place on 20 February 2021, and was a countersuit to a case that was supposed to occur the same day. The declaration of suit against the Council was as of follows: "I am suing the Micronational Assembly for attempting to extra-judicially overrule and undermine the MA Charter by allowing a Justice to hold public office." The defendant consisted of Connor Shaw, supported by his lawyer Hunt P. as a legal team. The prosecution consisted of Anthony I, representing the Council of the Micronational Assembly. The Chairman was notably silent for most of the trial, which was pointed out by multiple delegates. A jury was selected from delegates in the Assembly to decide the verdict of the trial. Initially the trial was disorganized and delayed as the illegitimate Attorney was absent until 30 minutes after the trial began. After both defense and prosecution presented their evidence with some debate, the jury conferred and came to a decision. It was the decision of the jury that the Council was breaking the charter, and subsequently the Jewel Republic was stripped of powers as attorney. The Herzetian delegacy was later appointed as Attorney by the Chairman.


The structure of the Micronational Assembly is defined by the Second Charter of the Micronational Assembly.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the main legislative organ of the Micronational Assembly, which is comprised of its delegates.


The Chairman serves as the head of the organization and is apart of the Executive Branch. The current Chairman is Jacob Deceuninck.


  • The Nation must be a delegate
  • In order to become Chairman you must be a council member.


MA Council

The MA Council is a legislative body that votes on propositions for the MA and votes on membership applications, the council was formerly assigned to represent a certain region across the globe such as the Eastern Coast of the United States or Europe.

Micronational Assembly Trade Union

The Micronational Assembly Trade Union was an organ of the MA that existed from around 2016 to 2019, with the objective of trading.


The Scribe is a writer who reports on recent events that concern the Micronational Assembly.


The Court is the Judicial Branch, which according to the Charter, consists of 5 delegates.


The (U) Unum was a currency created by the MA sometime during 2017-2018, the symbol for the currency is the letter "u" with a strike-through, the exchange rate for 1 Unum equaled to 0.5 US Dollars.


Member States

Member States are the Delegates of the General Assembly and have the right to draft, propose, and vote on resolutions.

Micronation Admission Office
Flag-of-the-empire-of-vulhalin.png Empire of Vulhalin 20 February 2021 Chairman (2021-Present)
Faltree.png Faltree 2020 Probation Officer (2020, 2021), Chairman (2020), Council Member (2020, 2021-Present)
House of Miranda (2).png Senland 2017 Chairman (2018), Council Member (2021-Present)
Fakeflag-fm4-kv1-kv2-kv3-td2-cv4.png Republic of Norcross 2020 Chairman (2019-2020), Attorney, Council Member (2020, 2020-2021)
Screenshot 20210211-200957 Gallery.jpg Lakeland 2021 Council Member (2021-Present)
New Great Lawl Reich Flag.png Great Lawl Reich 19 April 2017 Chairman (2019, 2020-present) Acting Chairman (2019) Council Member (2018-2020, 2020-2021)
SaspearianFlag.jpg Saspearian 24 February 2020 Council Member (2020, 2020-2021), Scribe (2020, 2021-present)
Jewelrepublic.jpg Jewel Republic 2020 Attorney (2020-2021), Scribe (2020, 2020-2021), Council Member (2021)
Delphia.png Federal States of Delphia 2020 Scribe (2020), Council Member (2021)
Runnymede Flag.png Principality of Runnymede 2020 Council Member (2021)
Herzetia.png State of Herzetia 2021 Council Member (2019-2020, 2020-2020), Appeals Judge (2020), Scribe (2020-2020), Chief Justice (2020, 2021-Present), Chairman (provisional) (2021)
Tueoedeth.jpg Republic of Tueoedeth April 2020 Council Member (2020-2021)
Flag of West Canada.svg Dominion of West Canada 2020 Scribe (2020), Council Member (2020, 2020-2021)
Cordinar improved.png Grand Duchy of Cordinar 2020 None
Driez Flakt feåm 2018.png Drietsland 2016 None
Espére 2020 None
Leonsle2.png Grand Duchy of Liangsi 2020 None
Mensa Ann 2019 None
PRSflag.jpeg Parliamentary Republic of Stedfast 6 January 2021 None
Wamong flag.png Republic of Wamong 3 March 2021 None
PontuniaflagNew.png Duchy of Pontunia 5 March 2021 None
Amb Flag.png Republic of Ambestan 20 February 2021 None
Republic of Surdam 5 March 2021 None
Canviaflag.png Canvia 5 March 2021 None
Kingdom of Rian 20 February 2021 None
Flag of Ponderosa Hills.svg Socialist Federal Union of Ponderosa Hills 7 March 2021 None
UnitedOceanStates.jpg Reunited Ocean States 7 March 2021 None


Observers are micronations or individuals that cannot vote in any propositions.

Micronation Admission
ArgentoriaFlag.jpg State of Argentoria 5 March 2021
Flag of Tarcallia.svg Dominion of Tarcallia 16 February 2021
Indradhanush Flag.jpg Indradhanush 18 February 2021
Nibarrus 3 March 2021
Flag of the Federal Union of Wegmat.svg Federal Union of Wegmat 7 March 2021

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Discord logo.jpeg Official Discord of the Micronational Assembly!