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Micronation Union of England

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Micronation Union of England
MUE Crest.png

Capital cityUclea
Official language(s)English, German
Short nameMUE
- PresidentPresident A. King
Population5 (as of 2019 estimate)
Time zone(UTC)


The MUE has an army of 3 people, including President King. The army has guns and magnet launchers, although the missile project started by Lathanie has worked and the MUE has Lathanian missiles. The Lathanian missiles are made by Q-10 Lathanian leader Krishna Kler. Most of the army is funded and made by Lathania.

Krishna Kler is the MoD AND Q-10

Member states

State Date Joined Adopted NanoCoin Adopted Law Can Run for President? Contributes to Military?
The Democratic Republic of Uclea 19th Feb 2019
West Uclea 19th Feb 2019
Lathanie 28th Feb 2019
Viencia 2nd Jul 2019


the MUE is also an allied pact force.

if a country has a problem with another country backups will be sent or peace talks will be held.

there has been major disputes with Lathinie and the war with Raleigh but according to the L.I.B (Lathinies national agency) the MUE has been peaceful