A micronaition, kent as weekintra an aw, is a poleetical bein whit clems tae be a sovrain state bit isno recognised as sic by the muckler internaitional communitie. Micronaitions ar treatit as clear fae teepical unrecognised states, awtho thar is no faur ben greement wi'in micropatriologie anent whit exactlie maks a micronaition unalike ither unrecognised states. Braidlie spikkin, micronaitions ar makkit an developit as a habbie, wi thair clems tae sovraintie consider't fouterie eneuch fir the muckle sovrain states whase laund thay clem tae sling a deifie. Micronaitions whase hindermaist ettle is tae git internaitional recognition as sovrain states ar cried unthirlist, an micronaitions wi'oot this ettle ar cried simulationist.

Micronaitions hae bydit syne the 19t yeirhunner, wi the prattick ae micronaitionalism growin undeemouslie in the erest pairt ae the 21st yeirhunner as the makkin an uphaudin ae micronaitions becam a sumwhit ordinar habbie an the Internet alloued fir the kythe ae an onwab micronaitional communitie. Sum weel-kent micronaitions, includin Sealand an Liberland, byde ootower this onwab communitie; ithers, includin Austenasia, an Molossia, raiglar attend micronaitional ploys an hae a developit onwab presence. Maist ae the Ingles-spikkin micronaitions ar apairt ae MicroWiki, whilk wis makkit in 2005, an isno weel-kent.