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Worst Article

This article is just bad, and, accordingly, is part of the Gallery of What Not to Do. We hope this is clear enough.

Description and Purpose

The AoMN supports peaceful relations such as this.

The AoMN is the Alliance of MicroNations. This organization aims to make peace between all micronations and to keep it that way. This is currently functioning on: .

Peaceful contacts are defined as trade, diplomatic ends to conflicts and foriegn aid. Should a micronation violate this and the rules below, they will be escorted out, and not welcomed back (banned).

Joining the AoMN means you have an obligation to give up any former alliance that contradicts the beliefs of AoMN and to also introduce at least one new MN to the AoMN.

The AoMN has now merged with the CMNAE. http://micronations.wikia.com/wiki/The_Confederation_of_Micronations_of_North_America_and_Europe


1) Follow ALL Rules! (no ifs, ands or butts)

2) Be nice to others, and make peaceful contacts.

3) Here at AoMN, we are primarily English speaking, however, other languages are welcomed. Non-English messages and transcripts must be properly interpreted on request (e.g. NOT google translate).

4) Be bold! and OOOOOOOOOOOOpen Minded.

5) As open minded we are here in the AoNM, we are not realists. Realism is the belief that political power is the main objective of politics.

List of MNs involved (listed by dated joined)

50px Wyhzette

The Acessian Empire

The Appalachian Commonwealth