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MicroWiki's Staff

MicroWiki's staff are editors who have been selected by the webmaster (site owner) to help with the day-to-day running of the website and the moderation of user-generated content. Referred to as the Administrators, they have been afforded access to restricted technical features and assorted tools to help regulate content, resolve issues and keep the wiki accessible to all through their maintenance efforts. Technical admins are mostly responsible for the maintenance of the back-door workings of the website, whereas wiki admins are mostly responsible for the regulation and improvement of wiki content.

Site owner

The Imperial Overlord
Kingmaker.png Emperor Jonathan I is the webmaster (site owner) and head administrator, and has been a member of the community since December 2008. He reigns as Emperor of Austenasia and Great King in Carshalton, and bought the website from its previous owner in May 2014.

Tech admins

Premier.png Karl Friedrich was appointed a technical admin in August 2015, having joined the community in August 2011. He currently serves as Lord Temporal of Mercia-Lurk.
PS2 Hagrid
CreedA.jpg Andrew Creed was appointed as a technical admin in October 2018, having joined the community in May 2012. He currently serves as the Governor of Corinium Terentium, an Austenasian territory in the South West of England.

Wiki admins

The Grand Admiral
EmperorOfAdammiaSep2018Cropped.jpg Emperor Adam I became a wiki admin in March 2019, having been a member of the community since April 2013. He reigns as Emperor of Adammia.
The Birch Tree
Anime Archie Birch.png Cefministro Archie Birch became a wiki admin in April 2021, having been a member of the community since September 2018. He reigns as Ĉefministro of Damariscotta of Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta.
The Great Deleter
Honoring-columbus-and-his-legacy.jpg Charles Ross has been a wiki admin since February 2020, having joined the community in March 2018. He is the incumbent President of the Federal Republic of Mislandistan.
AnthonyClark.png Anthony Clark has been a wiki admin since 2021. He is currently the Supreme Justice of the Grand Unified Micronational.

Administrators are...

  • appointed by site owner Jonathan I, usually after the community has shown support for certain users.
  • the users primarily responsible for enforcing wiki policy.
  • given elevated abilities, such as blocking and page deletion, in order to enforce wiki policy.
  • able to create wiki policy, especially given the support of the community or the rest of the administration team.

Administrators are not...

  • elected.
  • necessarily political leaders of the community.
  • subject to fixed terms.
  • out to get you.