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MicroWiki has the Semantic MediaWiki extension installed. This allows for semantic data, such as capitals and popluations of micronations, to be encoded on pages and made easily machine-readable and possible to organise into dynamic tables.

You can help with making our articles Semantic MediaWiki-friendly.

Currently, most semantic data will be obtained through templates such as Template:Infobox nation. Any editor can make sure we have semantic data obtained properly by:

Short names

Short names of micronations should be added to the nation infobox. For example, for Kingdom of Dranoria:

{{Infobox nation
|name               = Kingdom of Dranoria
|image1             = [[File:Dranoria flag.png|150px]]

  ... etc.

|shortname = Dranoria

Include strictly one short name.


Property:Population, which is automatically found for most micronations by the population parameter on the nation infobox, has the type number. This means the population parameter on nation infoboxes should be a single number. Any additional notes should be added with the population_notes parameter.

Secundomia used to have:

|population         = 11 ''(Not counting residents)''

Now it has:

|population         = 11
|population_notes   = ''(Not counting residents)''

Both pieces of code display exactly the same way on the article.

Example implementation

The following table of micronations sorted by population is automatically updated as semantic properties are added to articles. {{#ask: Has short name::~* |?Population |?Has short name |format=broadtable |limit=500 |headers=show |link=all |order=ASC |sort=Population |offset=0 }}