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New icon system from Wikipedia for use in mapping out micronational railways, micronational tramways, micronational cableways, etc etc. It is recommended to make the map in a seperate template and then transclude it into your page - for example, for the page [[Cité d'Égtavie Urban Tramway]] you would create the template [[Template:Egtavietramwaymap]] and then include it in your page by typing {{Egtavietramway}} - make sure that you have made the template so it can be aligned to the right-hand side of the page, and it's also advisable to define a fixed width, or weird stuff might happen to it. See below for an example of a good table (some hiccups may still need to be worked out).

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Open terminus (Up, Down, Left, Right)
Closed/Planned terminus (Up, Down, Left, Right)

Halts (In use, Not in use)


Open curves

Closed/Planned curves
     Straight track (In use, Not in use)


  Blank spacer element

Example implementations

Cité d'Égtavie Urban Tramway Example Other Railway With Map That is More Annoying Than is Really Needed
   Wadlow Town - Egyang Border
   Arbre des Pommes halt
   Cité d'Égtavie Central
   Bylong Forest
                     Thingstation Terminus
   Closedville terminus
   Exampletown halt
   Thingy Junction
   Terminus of Doom