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Good articles are considered to be the best articles on MicroWiki as determined by MicroWiki's editors. Before being listed as a good article, articles must be nominated and voted upon for accuracy, neutrality, comprehensiveness, structure and style. This project is designed to help improve article quality on MicroWiki and reward good article editing and creation. At present, there are 82 good articles out of a total of 28,541 articles in MicroWiki. A small blue symbol (This symbol symbolizes good content on MicroWiki.) on the top right corner of an article's page indicates that the article is of good quality.


A good article is one that is:

  1. Well-written: its prose is engaging, coherent, clear and concise, and the spelling and grammar are correct. There should be a minimal number of red links.
  2. Comprehensive: it neglects no major facts or details, is of substantial length but does not go into unnecessary detail, remaining focused on the main topic.
  3. Accurate: it is well-researched and its claims are verifiable and not in dispute.
  4. Neutral: it represents viewpoints fairly and without bias.
  5. Illustrated: it should, where possible, be illustrated with appropriate images with succinct captions.
  6. Well-structured: it should have a concise introduction that summarises the topic and a system of hierarchical section headings with a substantial but not overwhelming table of contents.


Before nominating an article, nominators may wish to receive feedback by asking an administrator. Nominators must be sufficiently familiar with the subject matter to deal with objections during the GA process. Nominators who are not significant contributors to the article should consult the author and/or regular editors of the article prior to a nomination. Nominators are expected to respond positively to constructive criticism and to make an effort to address objections promptly.

If a nominator feels that an article satisfies all the criteria, the article can be nominated by any user on the nomination page making sure that they provide the title of the article, a link to it and the signature of the nominating user. A user should only nominate one article each month. The article will then be reviewed by the community and voted on over a period of seven days after being nominated, with nominators and authors of the article being encouraged to respond to constructive criticism and to address objections promptly. While the number of votes in support or opposition are the main thing taken into account, the arguments on each side will also be considered. A nomination with several blank "support" votes and only a few "oppose" votes may still be rejected if those "oppose" votes make very good arguments against it. Neither will a simply majority be considered; broad consensus needs to be reached, which will be decided at the discretion of the administrator who closes the vote.

Following the seven day period, an administrator will determine consensus of the community and it will either be approved or rejected. If an article is approved, the community deems that it satisfies the criteria, and it will officially be listed as a Good Article. If an article is rejected, the article does not satisfy the criteria and an explanation of why will usually be provided by the reviewing users. Rejected articles should only be nominated again after one month following the previous nomination, and only if improvements have been made to improve the article since.

In the last week of each month, all Good Articles approved that month or the previous month will be voted on by the community. The approved Good Article with the highest number of votes (with admin consensus providing a deciding vote in the case of a tie) will be Featured on the Main Page for at least the first fourteen days of the new month (the Featured Article for the remainder of the month will be a previously approved Good Article decided by consensus of the admins, to ensure articles are not only ever Featured once).


To use the good article template, add {{GA|revision=123456|date=20 October 2021}} to the top of the article. The correct revision and date are the ones that are most recent, just prior to the article being approved. For help on how to use the template correctly, contact an administrator.


Federal Union of Wegmat

Nominator: UDCTC logo.svgBrian Griffin.png Prime Minister Cole Baird Brian Griffin.png My Talk Page  My contributations Flag of the Federal Union of Wegmat.svg 18:58, 6 September 2021 (UTC)
  • SUPPORT Good article, might need a few tweaks but overall good. Devinpurcell (talk) 12:18, 8 September 2021 (UTC)
  • SUPPORT Fairly decent. Some sections should possibly be expanded or merged, as they are quite short. A good complement of images breaks up the text to make reading easier. Most sections are well detailed. Work on fixing some grammar issues, though. Otherwise, I support this. Swannian Flag.svgDaniel HamiltonEnquiriesMy Work 03:41, 20 September 2021 (UTC)
  • Support This article needs slight changes. Other then that I absolutely support this page. His Imperial Majesty, Elias Richnot, Emperor of ForestriaStandard of the Emperor of Forestria.png
  • OPPPOSE Each support vote so far has mentioned that the article needs "tweaks" or "changes", and unfortunately that's the case. In the opening paragraphs alone there are several formatting and punctuation errors, and scrolling down it seems such problems - using "it's" instead of "its", placing the reference box before punctuation, and what seem to be errors in capitalization - are present throughout the article. Not a bad article by any means, but these need to be fixed. Austenasia (talk) 10:00, 1 October 2021 (UTC)
  • Oppose While indeed a very detailed article, as Austenasia and others have pointed out, the formatting of the article definitely needs some work. Once the much needed amendments have been implemented, I look forward lending my vote to help Wegmet achieve "good article status". Andrew (talk)

Penn Federal Republic

The article Penn Federal Republic is my nomination. Hours of work have gone into this article, and any and all critiques are appreciated. Signed: Devinpurcell (talk) 16:21, 7 September 2021 (UTC) President of the Penn Federal Republic, Devin Purcell

  • OPPOSE The main reason I am opposing this is due to the frequent use of bold text throughout the article. Bold text should only be used to highlight the title of the article in the first sentence. However, you should avoid using bold to add emphasis to the article.
There are no non-flag images or graphics throughout the article, which could be used to enhance or clarify the content. If you are going to have a resources section, don't organise it using referencing tags, and if you are going to do references you should reference them using a consistent referencing style. This has the potential to become a good article in the future, just it needs some work before it gets there. Matt talk ☼ 00:02, 9 September 2021 (UTC)
  • REVISION Thank you for your feedback, I adjusted the article and reduced bold text and added images. Thanks User:Matt. Devinpurcell (talk) 18:29, 9 September 2021 (UTC)
  • OPPOSE Okay, I'm here with my second OPPOSE comment and I'm not sure I am allowed to do this. Anyway, there are multiple stubby sections that require expanding, such as History and Culture. The Micronational Recognition table is incomplete. Matt talk ☼ 01:05, 16 September 2021 (UTC)


Nominator: Ela'r'oech Charles The article has been being submitted somewhat for months this year and the year before. It has had work on it continuously and with very few surges of inactivity since August 2020. I am still working on it as well. Opening it to be judged and voted upon yet again. My goal really isn't to get GA at this point, it's more or less just a way to get feedback for me but I don't see that as a bad thing. If I get Good Article along the way, then good. Ela'r'oech Charles (talk) 21:23, 12 September 2021 (UTC)

  • SUPPORT Looks nice overall, didn't read every word but it looks nice. GA worthy. Devinpurcell (talk) 12:50, 15 September 2021 (UTC)
  • SUPPORT Ela'r'oech is a great article and has been for quite a while. Definitely GA Worthy. Anthony Ramirez 3rd (talk) 19:29, 15 September 2021 (UTC)
  • OPPOSE Many of the issues still remain since the last time this was nominated, especially the fact that a majority of sections are stubs. .Rush gif.gif. Logan >w<  • .Terry Tibbs talk to me . 22:09, 15 September 2021 (UTC)
  • OPPOSE What Logan said. These issues have to be taken into consideration before it can be nominated for Good Article. Matt talk ☼ 00:59, 16 September 2021 (UTC)
  • REVISION I've expanded some of the sections and merged another. The issues have been taken into consideration and solved as far as I am aware. Please inform me of any other problems so you can change your votes. Ela'r'oech Charles (talk) 16:38, 21 September 2021 (UTC)
  • OPPOSE The History section has too many short sections. Merge them into larger periods of time. The Geography section is quite short. What is the foreign policy of Ela'r'oech? Your foreign relations section is just a list of recognised nations, some of which have dissolved long ago, such as Naveria. Some parts don't really belog on a main article, such as media classifications. Also, the "Part of a series on Charles Madgett" doesn't really belong on this article. Several smaller issues have also been mentioned by other users. Best of luck in your attempt to get GA, I believe you'll achieve it soon. Swannian Flag.svgDaniel HamiltonEnquiriesMy Work 03:14, 22 September 2021 (UTC)
  • REVISION I've reformed many sections and subsections, notably the new "Foreign Policy" subsection has replaced the "Foreign Relations" subsection and the "Elarian Eras" subsections has gone down from 7 to 5. I have also removed the "Part of a series on Charles Madgett" module. The rating systems have been removed and will possibly be added to an article dedicated to Ela'r'oech's Culture, which has had a growth of it's own with a bigger first paragraph. The entire "Economy" section's subsections have been merged into the simple Economy section alone. The Geography section has also expanded. Please inform me of any other problems so you can change your votes. Ela'r'oech Charles (talk) 04:09, 27 September 2021 (UTC)

Saspearian Declaration of Independence

Nominator: Emperor Anthony I (talk) 02:11, 13 September 2021 (UTC)

  • OPPOSE The article is very short and relatively disorganized with low-quality images. Devinpurcell (talk) 12:39, 14 September 2021 (UTC)
  • COMMENT @Devinpurcell: The article is well expanded upon and I think the article is also well structured. I don't believe that the quality of the images affects the requirements for a Good Article. - Emperor Anthony I
  • OPPOSE I wrote oppose last month, for the following reason: "This has been on the nominations for a few months now and has received relatively little interest. Overall pretty well detailed for an article of its kind, but there are still some issues with grammar, and some sentences go on for too long. They'd benefit from being broken up into smaller sentences." Since then, the nominator has not even edited the page in line with suggestions. No edits have been made to this page since APRIL 2021. Stop nominating a page to get it to GA without putting in the work to make it better. It's shameful, and it's an insult to everyone who actually puts hours and hours of work into pages to nominate them here. Swannian Flag.svgDaniel HamiltonEnquiriesMy Work 03:36, 20 September 2021 (UTC)
  • COMMENT @Australis: I've made a few changes, and I believe this article is just barely worthy of a Good Article. Feel free to discuss this further. border-style="color:black" addison (talk) 16:03, 23 September 2021 (UTC)
  • OPPOSE The article, along with the other criticisms presented, has grammatical issues and confusing sentences "Thus, the document a unilateral declaration of independence." There are also sections that are written vaguely and without specifics, this is most notably in the Document section which says things like "At around noon CST the same day," and "It was likely a few minutes after" and other vague statements not relating to time like "Saspearian likely had some internal and external activity" and "most of the founding fathers" who are not been specified in the document. Information is also presented in confusing ways, such as in the document section which seems to imply that the document was finished on three separate occasions, before Anthony got to school ("It was likely a few minutes after the creation of the document that Anthony had to arrive at his then middle school.") at the school lunch table, ("he presented several people with the document, with most of the founding fathers signing the declaration during this time.") and then once get got home after school ("Around 5-7 PM CST, Anthony came to what is now known as Unueco, Saspearian... The final touches were added to the declaration.). The idea of this article being just good enough shouldn't be the standard for if an article get's good article status, especially if the article hasn't been given the care to get it to that point. If it is felt that not much more can be added, and that's why it keeps being renominated in its current state, I would suggest adding information about the legacy of the document and criticisms to extend and expand upon the article.𝄞 StrubberContributions17:32, 20 October 2021 (UTC) 12:21, 24 September 2021 (UTC)

@Strubber: I've made some changes to the article and I hope that my recent edits on the page resolved these issues. Emperor Anthony I (talk) 01:13, 25 September 2021 (UTC)

Oscar I, Emperor-King of Karnia-Ruthenia

Nominator: Matt talk ☼ 03:04, 17 September 2021 (UTC) I stumbled across this article today. This is not my article and it is quite old, but I believe it will be a good canidiate.

  • SUPPORT A well-detailed article, however, I think the Portrayals in literature section should be expanded or merged with another part of the article. Swannian Flag.svgDaniel HamiltonEnquiriesMy Work 03:43, 20 September 2021 (UTC)
  • OPPOSE This article is rife with grammatical errors. Even just reading the second paragraph of the "King of the Ruthenians" section I was able to find numerous issues such as "His reign was essential to make Ruthenia, even young, a thriving micronation" and "and banning totalitarian doctrines in Ruthenian territory, like Fascism and Communism, which was an ardent opponent." These are present throughout the article and should be fixed. The introduction section should also be expanded, which is common in other personal articles that have reached good article status. The entire "Reign after the Compromise" also doesn't mention Oscar by name at all, which would be nice to specify what "his" is being referred to post section break. 𝄞 StrubberContributions17:32, 20 October 2021 (UTC) 12:32, 24 September 2021 (UTC)

Federated States of Gapla

Nominator: Wyatt400 (President of the Federated States of Gapla) 16:39, 17 September 2021 (UTC)

I have worked on this article for a long time, and has substantially been updated since the last nomination. Would love constructive feedback, is a lengthy but well-written article (in my personal opinion). Wyatt400 (President of the Federated States of Gapla) 16:39, 17 September 2021 (UTC)

  • OPPOSE Many parts of this article only exist to lengthen it. Several sections, such as the elections section, should be in its own article. I normally like tables, but I feel like this article overuses them to make the article seem longer. Some sections also seem a bit short. Swannian Flag.svgDaniel HamiltonEnquiriesMy Work 03:45, 20 September 2021 (UTC)


Nominator: Jak123 talk ☼ 09:32, 23 September 2021 (UTC)

  • OPPOSE Almost entirely filled with stubs, no references, some sections should either have their own page or be grouped together better such as rankings, incorrect date formatting and very few pictures. .Rush gif.gif. Logan >w<  • .Terry Tibbs talk to me . 15:12, 23 September 2021 (UTC)
  • OPPOSE As above, also has a number of grammatical errors that make the article pretty hard to read. border-style="color:black" addison (talk) 15:52, 23 September 2021 (UTC)

Alexander I, Basileus of Cimbrun

Nominator: ImperatorofOrini 10:48, 27 September 2021 (CST)

This article, alongside many others, has been worked on extensively. I believe this article about myself, though brief, is well-written and informative enough to warrant Good Article status. I request constructive criticism so that I may add onto this article even if it gets accepted.

  • OPPOSE Stub article, the writer does not appear to be a native English speaker/writer, so a native English speaker must revise this article, which I will assist with. Otherwise, it is a stub and there is only one image, which is low quality at that. Devinpurcell (talk) 13:39, 5 October 2021 (UTC)

2021 Georgienstinian presidential election

Nominator: Alexandre Olivier, Majority Leader of the National Congress of Georgienstine

This page was made in the past year as the Presidential Election was happening. With the election over, in my opinion, the page is detailed enough to be a Good Article. Thanks!



Article Author Nominator Nominated Approved Votes[1] Approver
Federal Republic of St.Charlie Cajak Fishy 2010-09-16 2010-09-27
(Later stripped of GA status)
5/5/0 Fishy
Observergate SerCenKing Cajak 2010-09-16 2010-09-27 5/4/1 Fishy
Þeûdspråxa Swena Aldrich Lucas 2010-09-16 2010-09-27
(Later stripped of GA status)
5/5/0 Fishy
Students' Isocratic Oligarchy of Yabloko Aldrich Lucas Asam79 2010-09-16 2010-09-27
(Later deleted)
3/3/0 Fishy
Republic of Petorio Ramtak619 Fishy 2010-09-27 2010-10-05 6/4/2 Aldrich Lucas
Cheslovian Federation Kaznia2 Fishy 2010-10-13 2010-10-17
(Later stripped of GA status)
3/3/0 Aldrich Lucas
Technological Federation of Erephisia Billyneil Aldrich Lucas 2010-12-09 2010-12-15 0/0/0 Aldrich Lucas
Kingdom of Überstadt Überstadt Aldrich Lucas 2011-01-24 2011-01-30 5/5/0 Aldrich Lucas
Republic of Secundomia Parker I Parker I 2011-03-24 2011-04-01 4/3/1 Aldrich Lucas
Republic of Ultamiya AuburnAttack21 AuburnAttack21 2011-04-12 2011-04-19 3/2/1 Aldrich Lucas
MicroWiki Influence Survey Aldrich Lucas Aldrich Lucas 2011-04-12 2011-04-19 2/2/0 Aldrich Lucas
Federated Republics of A1 Fishy Aldrich Lucas 2011-04-14 2011-04-26 2/2/0 Aldrich Lucas
St.Charlie Armed Forces Cajak Fishy 2011-04-17 2011-04-26 2/2/0 Aldrich Lucas
Grand Duchy of Flandrensis Flandrensis Flandrensis 2011-04-28 2011-05-08 1/1/0 Aldrich Lucas
Nick Maggiore Cajak Cajak 2011-05-30 2011-06-06 13/13/0 Aldrich Lucas
Riley Small Rsmall Rsmall 2011-07-03 2011-07-11 5/4/1 Aldrich Lucas
Niels of Flandrensis Flandrensis Flandrensis 2011-07-14 2011-07-22 6/4/1 Aldrich Lucas
Declan I, II & V Austenasia Austenasia 2011-07-16 2011-07-23 8/8/0 Aldrich Lucas
Berinese Confederation Irojas Irojas 2011-07-17 2011-07-24 10/8/2 Aldrich Lucas
Prsänëan Credit James Wilary James Wilary 2011-08-09 2011-08-16 6/6/0 Aldrich Lucas
Heinrich Schneider SerCenKing Cajak 2011-08-29 2011-09-07 7/7/0 Cajak
Flag of Berin Mokke Mokke 2011-09-22 2011-09-29
(Later stripped of GA status)
5/5/0 Aldrich Lucas
Havnesgade-Amager Havnegade-Amager Havnegade-Amager 2012-04-02 2012-04-09 7/6/1 SiroccanGov
Union of Nemkhav Communists Vitcash Vitcash 2012-04-07 2012-04-14 3/3/0 Fishy
Juclandia Dozzer X Jeremy Oakes 2012-05-08 2012-06-27 4/3/1 Jeremy Oakes
Grand Unified Micronational Austenasia BraydenYates 2012-06-26 2013-01-01 8/7/0 James Wilary
Prsänëan language James Wilary James Wilary 2012-07-28 2013-01-01 7/4/0 James Wilary
Bowie QuentinWyvern Austenasia 2012-12-17 2013-01-01 3/3/0 James Wilary
Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco SiroccanGov James Wilary 2013-01-02 2013-01-10 6/4/2 James Wilary
National Centre of Computing (Sirocco) SiroccanGov James Wilary 2013-01-02 2013-01-10 5/4/1 James Wilary
Alexander Reinhardt Cajak James Wilary 2013-01-02 2013-01-10 5/4/1 James Wilary
Empire of Austenasia Austenasia James Wilary 2013-01-02 2013-01-10 6/6/0 James Wilary
Foreign relations of Indokistan Nabil nordamdie James Wilary 2013-02-02 2013-02-09
(Later stripped of GA status)
2/2/0 James Wilary
Yablokogate Numerous SiroccanGov 2013-02-02 2013-02-09
(Later stripped of GA status)
1/1/0 James Wilary
Inyo, Prsänëa James Wilary James Wilary 2013-02-03 2013-02-10 1/1/0 James Wilary
Organisation of Active Micronations Fishy James Wilary 2013-02-03 2013-02-10 1/1/0 James Wilary
Tiana Puggy Puggy 2013-08-04 2014-05-29 1/1/0 Austenasia
Ashukov Federation JosephKennedy JosephKennedy 2014-06-18 2014-06-23 1/1/0 JosephKennedy
Adam I of Überstadt Überstadt Überstadt 2014-07-12 2014-07-31 1/1/0 JosephKennedy
Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan Leylandiistan Leylandiistan 2015-01-07 2015-05-25 1/1/0 Austenasia
James Stewart FrancisvilleAdmin Sebastian Linden 2016-01-01 2016-02-24 3/3/0 Austenasia
Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia Austenasia Førvania 2016-02-09 2016-05-07 3/3/0 Luxor
Kermadecia DNSgov DNSgov 2016-05-30 2016-06-11
(Later stripped of GA status)
2/2/0 Austenasia
Reylan Imperial Triumvirate Taeglan I Nihilus Kit 2016-06-05 2016-07-24 2/2/0 Austenasia
Deva Victrix Austenasia Austenasia 2016-12-05 2016-12-15 2/2/0 Austenasia
Empire of Pavlov Deniz Deniz 2016-12-15 2017-01-07 6/6/0 Austenasia
Sabia and Verona Ricky Ricky 2016-12-21 2017-01-07 4/4/0 Austenasia
Abeldane Empire MilitarmiaGov Mahuset 2016-12-27 2017-01-07 6/6/0 Austenasia
Kingdom of Florenia Nathan Nathan 2017-01-29 2017-02-20 2/2/0 Austenasia
Democratic Union of British States Bob Christ Bob Christ 2017-05-26 2017-07-05 3/3/0 Austenasia
Empire of Adammia EmperorAdamI EmperorAdamI 2017-07-13 2017-08-01 5/5/0 Austenasia
Abeldane federal election, August 2017 Numerous Ricky 2017-08-31 2017-09-07 4/4/0 Twain
Essian Commonwealth Twain Twain 2017-09-07 2017-09-25 4/4/0 Überstadt
Democratic Duchy of Francisville FrancisvilleArchive FrancisvilleArchive 2018-06-05 2018-07-30 2/2/0 Austenasia
Royal coat of arms of Baustralia KingdomOfBaustralia KingdomOfBaustralia 2018-12-15 2019-01-16 2/2/0 Austenasia
New Florence AnthonyClark AnthonyClark 2018-01-10 2019-02-04
(Later stripped of GA status)
1/1/0 Austenasia
Tsardom of Phokland People's Republic of Phokland People's Republic of Phokland 2019-04-02 2019-04-27 3/3/0 Austenasia
Flag Model of Theodian history Swena Swena 2019-05-09 2019-06-18 3/3/0 Austenasia
Kingdom of Gradonia William GF Wilson William GF Wilson 2019-08-07 2019-08-20 3/3/0 Austenasia
Principality of New Eiffel Z. Luna Skye MissEDconexion 2019-09-20 2019-10-05 2/2/0 Austenasia
Esmond III, Emperor of Austenasia Austenasia Malinovia 2019-09-27 2019-10-17 2/2/0 Austenasia
New Eiffel Main Route 1 Z. Luna Skye Z. Luna Skye 2019-11-11 2019-11-20 6/5/1 Austenasia
Adam I, Emperor of Adammia EmperorAdamI NickRandouler 2019-11-12 2019-12-10 3/2/0 Austenasia
Kingdom of Kohlandia Catherine of Kohlandia Catherine of Kohlandia 2019-11-13 2019-12-11 2/2/0 Austenasia
Principality of Montescano Deniz Deniz 2019-12-10 2019-12-29 2/2/0 Austenasia
Fifth Aenderian Republic Jaydenfromcanada Jaydenfromcanada 2020-01-02 2020-01-23
(Later stripped of GA status)
9/6/3 Austenasia
Empire of Aenopia Aenopia Aenopia 2020-01-09 2020-02-03 4/3/1 MissEDconexion
Kingdom of Baustralia KingdomOfBaustralia KingdomOfBaustralia 2020-02-10 2020-02-19 4/4/0 Niko3818
New Llandudno Aenopia Aenopia 2020-02-09 2020-02-23 3/3/0 Austenasia
New Leeds Z. Luna Skye Z. Luna Skye 2020-07-23 2020-07-24 3/3/0 Austenasia
Federal Republic of Francisville FrancisvilleArchive FrancisvilleArchive 2020-07-11 2020-09-02 5/5/0 Austenasia
William I of Gradonia William GF Wilson William GF Wilson 2020-09-02 2020-10-01 8/7/1 Austenasia
Kingdom of Ikonia Niko3818 Niko3818 2020-09-02 2020-11-01 3/3/0 Austenasia
State of Vishwamitra Oritsu.me Oritsu.me 2020-11-01 2020-12-01 5/5/0 Ives Blackwood
2020 in the MicroWiki community Z Luna Skye Z Luna Skye 2020-12-14 2021-01-01 3/3/0 Austenasia
Zed Z Luna Skye AgentBro 2020-12-07 2021-02-01 2/2/0 Ives Blackwood
Flag of Australis Australis Australis 2021-02-01 2021-03-01 12/12/0 Austenasia
Kingdom of Burdette Isaiah Burdette Isaiah Burdette 2021-02-01 2021-04-01
(Later stripped of GA status)
10/10/0 Austenasia
Theodian language Swena Indradhanush 2021-04-21 2021-04-26 4/3/1 Austenasia
Kingdom of Ebenthal Grand Duke Arthur Grand Duke Arthur 2021-04-04 2021-05-03 10/10/0 Austenasia
Sough2020 Aenopia Aenopia 2021-05-30 2021-06-19 3/3/0 Austenasia
Logan Ross Aenopia Aenopia 2021-07-01 2021-07-25 3/3/0 Austenasia
Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon Strubber Strubber 2021-07-20 2021-07-25 2/2/0 Austenasia
Daniel Hamilton of Australis Australis Australis 2021-08-02 2021-08-24 3/3/0 Austenasia
Foreign affairs of Aenopia Aenopia Aenopia 2021-08-02 2021-08-24 4/4/0 Austenasia
Dhrubajyoti Roy of Vishwamitra Oritsu.me Oritsu.me 2021-08-08 2021-08-24 14/13/1 Austenasia
  1. Total/Support/Oppose

Good article authors and nominators

User Authored Nominated
No. Articles No. Articles
Aenopia 5 5
AgentBro 1
Aldrich Lucas 2 5
AnthonyClark 1 1
Asam79 1
AuburnAttack21 1 1
Austenasia 6 3
Australis 2 2
Billyneil 1
Bob Christ 1 1
BraydenYates 1
Cajak 4 3
Catherine of Kohlandia 1 1
Deniz 2 2
DNSgov 1 1
Dozzer X 1
EmperorAdamI 2 1
Fishy 2 4
Flandrensis 2 2
Førvania 1
FrancisvilleAdmin 3 2
Grand Duke Arthur 1 1
Havnegade-Amager 1 1
Indradhanush 1
Irojas 1 1
Isaiah Burdette 1 1
James Wilary 3 9
Jaydenfromcanada 1 1
Jeremy Oakes 1
JosephKennedy 1 1
Kaznia2 1
KingdomOfBaustralia 2 2
Kit 1
Leylandiistan 1 1
Mahuset 1
Malinovia 1
MilitarmiaGov 1
MissEDconexion 1 1
Mokke 1 1
Nabil nordamdie 1
Nathan 1 1
NickRandouler 1
Niko3818 1 1
Parker I 1 1
People's Republic of Phokland 1 1
Oritsu.me 2 2
Puggy 1 1
QuentinWyvern 1
Ricky 1 2
Rsmall 1 1
Ramtak619 1
SerCenKing 2
Sebastian Linden 1
SiroccanGov 2 1
Strubber 1 1
Swena 2 2
Taeglan I Nihilus 1
Twain 1 1
Überstadt 1 1
Vitcash 1 1
William GF Wilson 2 1
Z. Luna Skye 5 3

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