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Good articles are considered to be the best articles on MicroWiki as determined by MicroWiki's editors. Before being listed as a good article, articles must be nominated and voted upon for accuracy, neutrality, comprehensiveness, structure and style. This project is designed to help improve article quality on MicroWiki and reward good article editing and creation. At present, there are 67 good articles out of a total of 23,746 articles in MicroWiki. A small blue symbol (This symbol symbolizes good content on MicroWiki.) on the top right corner of an article's page indicates that the article is of good quality.


A good article is one that is:

  1. Well-written: its prose is engaging, coherent, clear and concise, and the spelling and grammar are correct. There should be a minimal number of red links.
  2. Comprehensive: it neglects no major facts or details, is of substantial length but does not go into unnecessary detail, remaining focused on the main topic.
  3. Accurate: it is well-researched and its claims are verifiable and not in dispute.
  4. Neutral: it represents viewpoints fairly and without bias.
  5. Illustrated: it should, where possible, be illustrated with appropriate images with succinct captions.
  6. Well-structured: it should have a concise introduction that summarises the topic and a system of hierarchical section headings with a substantial but not overwhelming table of contents.


Before nominating an article, nominators may wish to receive feedback by asking an administrator. Nominators must be sufficiently familiar with the subject matter to deal with objections during the GA process. Nominators who are not significant contributors to the article should consult the author and/or regular editors of the article prior to a nomination. Nominators are expected to respond positively to constructive criticism and to make an effort to address objections promptly.

If a nominator feels that an article satisfies all the criteria, the article can be nominated by any user on the nomination page making sure that they provide the title of the article, a link to it and the signature of the nominating user. A user should only nominate one article each month. The article will then be reviewed by the community and voted on over a period of seven days after being nominated, with nominators and authors of the article being encouraged to respond to constructive criticism and to address objections promptly. While the number of votes in support or opposition are the main thing taken into account, the arguments on each side will also be considered. A nomination with several blank "support" votes and only a few "oppose" votes may still be rejected if those "oppose" votes make very good arguments against it.

Following the seven day period, an administrator will determine consensus of the community and it will either be approved or rejected. If an article is approved, the community deems that it satisfies the initial criteria. If an article is rejected, the articles does not satisfy the initial criteria and an explanation of why will usually be provided by the reviewing users. Rejected articles should only be nominated again after one month following the previous nomination, if progress has been made to improve the article since.

In the last week of each month, nominations which have been approved by an administrator either that month or the previous month will be voted on by the community. The approved nomination with the highest number of votes (with admin consensus providing a deciding vote in the case of a tie) will officially be listed as a Good Article.

Good Article status is thereby reserved for the very best of the best articles, with no more than one per month being granted the status.


To use the good article template, add {{GA|revision=123456|date=20 January 2021}} to the top of the article. The correct revision and date are the ones that are most recent, just prior to the article being approved. For help on how to use the template correctly, contact an administrator.


Aleunnic Czardom

Nominator: Tsar Stefan I (talk). 2:40PM, 1 January 2021 (EST)

I know it isn't much, but since the Aleunnic Czardom is relatively new with relevant info and references, it could work. Any comments on how to improve it is appreciated.

  • WITHDRAWN From the comments received, I've decided to withdraw this article and probably renominate if more info gets added. Tsar Stefan I (talk). 3:03PM, 2 January 2021 (EST)

Overturn GA status of State of Berin

Nominator: Tsar Stefan I (talk). 2:40PM, 1 January 2021 (EST)

Not a lot of info, no pictures other than flags, and the lack of references.

  • SUPPORT For good articles you do not only look for articles that meet the expected criteria for an article of its category—i.e. the necessary images, expansive and well-written information, citations—a good article should encompass above average material which defies expectations; while information/length is not an issue for this article, as neither is references, and it is of historical importance, there is nothing exceptionally amazing about the article. In fact, it would be improved with at least one physical image, and the text could nevertheless be expanded a bit and do with some refreshing for grammar and spelling, such as the unnecessary bold text for its flags. ★ ♥︎ Zed 。 (talk | edits | full) 23:49, 3 January 2021 (UTC)
  • SUPPORT As above. ricky sup? 02:30, 5 January 2021 (UTC)
  • SUPPORT I believe that I was initially going to oppose this, but I decided to support this call because even though I think it could be updated, Good Articles are meant to stay as.. good articles. Unfortunately, this one isn't right now. (User:ReesesPuffs, Puffs I)
  • COMMENT I the believe that this article must have been worthy of being a good article by the time it was created, and its historic relevance, when it comes to good articles, should be preserved. But I understand that for today's standarts the article isn't by far a "good article", it is too short and simple, although well done. I'm just not fond of the ideia of witch-hunting older good articles which, for today's standarts, aren't that good, otherwise we might start something that could end in chopping the list of good articles by the middle, hypoteticaly speaking. Arthur Brum (talk) 21:24, 11 January 2021 (UTC)


Nominator: Arthur Brum (talk) 19:59, 1 January 2021 (UTC)

I believe the article fulfills all the required criteira. It is well-written (specialy if one takes into account that the micronation isn't natively English-speaker), it speaks coherently and reasonably in all of the micronation's facts and matters without going into unnecessarily detailed mega-texts, it provides a fair amount of sources, quality images providing detailed descriptions with no false/simulationist claims, it does not magnifies the micronation, it is honest on its position, and its structure follows the Wikipedia countries' articles' pattern. Arthur Brum (talk) 19:59, 1 January 2021 (UTC)

  • SUPPORT Ebenthal's article is one of the most elaborate on entire MicroWiki, especially considering that it's from a relatively recent micronation. Without wishing to dwell on Ebenthal's regional importance as a micronation of preponderance, the work done to create a first-rate article has been achieved a long time ago, surpassing several articles accepted as good and which, due to elegance, should not be mentioned. However, once the quality threshold has been established, it's undisputed that this article far exceeds expectations and that failure to recognize its quality is more a political or xenophobic statement than a sincere opposition for some failure in it. This article has already been submitted for consideration and has been rejected; fair or not, the author dedicated himself to perfecting the article and now, there is little to criticize negatively, being more than apt to receive qualification, but being truly worthy of being placed in a differentiated rank, being an example for articles to be written in the future. Karno-Ruthenian Imperial Government (talk) 18:17, 01 January 2021 (UTC)
  • SUPPORT This is a great article, being a template for detailing a micronation, and with a high level of information, details and references, the Ebenthal article reflects the great nation that is. Sildavia Government (talk) 17:26, 01 January 2021 (UTC−3)
  • SUPPORT Tsar Stefan I (talk) 3:31PM, 1 January 2021 (EST)
  • SUPPORT This is by far the most well written article at this website, it is rich in information and content and I think it deserves the title of 'Good article'. Villa Alicia Government (talk) 22:03, 01 January 2021 (UTC)
  • SUPPORT This is one of the best written articles on Microwiki, that still does not have a GA tag. I would like this article to be a Good Article on Microwiki. Oritsu.me (Oritsu.me) 7:08, 3 January 2021 (UTC)
  • SUPPORT I have absolutely no idea what Karno-Ruthenian Imperial Government is talking about but I am sure somewhere in there are good reasons to support. ★ ♥︎ Zed 。 (talk | edits | full) 23:36, 3 January 2021 (UTC)
  • SUPPORT As above. ricky sup? 02:30, 5 January 2021 (UTC)
  • SUPPORT This is a not a good article but it is a gold article. This page is an inspiration to other micronationalists in aiding them to creating a way of writing about their nation in MicroWiki.Chandrachur Basu (talk) 19:11, 13 January 2021 (UTC+5.5)


Nominator: ★ ♥︎ Zed 。 (talk | edits | full) 21:27, 1 January 2021 (UTC)

  • SUPPORT Tsar Stefan I (talk) 4:36PM, 1 January 2021 (EST)
  • SUPPORT This article definitely deserves good article status. It is well written, well referenced, and is expansive. A big yes from me! Flag of Australis.svg] Daniel Roscoe  My Talk Page  Contribs  16:00, 13 January 2021 (UTC)


Nominator: Ela'r'oech Charles (Ela'r'oech Charles). 12:00Am, 3 January 2021 (CDT)
I think it's grown a lot since the last time it was submitted. Some "biased" things were removed. Yadda Yadda, let's see how it works this time. If y'all gonna oppose, please lemme know why and give feedback.

  • SUPPORT I like the article, it's informative and explanatory. Kaiser-Koenig Christoph I
  • SUPPORT Should note that in foreign relations it should state the name of the nation. Overall, it's good. Tsar Stefan I (talk) 12:00PM, 1 January 2021 (EST)
  • SUPPORT Yes! I think this article is honestly amazing and provides a lot of information useful to any micronationalist. It's fairly a "new" micronation but it's got a good-looking article and I believe it's worthy of GA status. Not to go off topic, but I was really disappointed to see it get revoked the first time, especially when someone used "MW@D Discrimination" and claimed it to be biased, when it is just in the Elarian culture that unfortunately it is believed they are discriminated against. And that person who said it was biased... was a moderator! Really? Proving the point of that sentence right there. But now that I'm done with my little rant, I really do think that this article is worthy of the GA status especially with more informational changes with the map and such on the infobox. User:Anthony Ramirez 3rd 3:12PM, 3 January 2021 (CDT)
  • OPPOSE Sections are rather stubby and some parts are worded rather badly. The Civil War section embodies these problems whilst also making absolutely no sense to the reader without context. Some dates utilise an incorrect date format and the article seems rather biased (and again make no sense) in sections . There are also a few spelling and grammar mistakes sprinkled throughout the article whilst some parts are written in both past and present tense AND first and third person. Some sections go into far too much detail and are quite messy such as the foreign affairs section - instead of having a defined section for recognition, organisations, foreign relations, ect. these groups are needlessly clumped together.Empire of Aenopia flag.png Logan (Aenopia)  Terry Tibbs talk to me  Look at what I've done. Empire of Aenopia flag.png 22:27, 3 January 2021 (UTC)
  • WEAK OPPOSE Article is stubby in certain sections like Ela'r'oech after Charles and MW manual of style is not followed so it is a no from me. it doesn't even have a government section like a MW about a nation should. Isaiah (Chat)
  • COMMENT May I be informed as to which sections you believe are stubby? As said If you oppose giving Ela'r'oech the GA status please inform me of what I can do to amend this especially regarding bias. I am currently editing the article still as I was during the last time the article was submitted to hopefully amend anything I notice myself and add details.(Ela'r'oech Charles)
  • COMMENT Thanks for the info. Will update to amend. Please check it afterwards and perhaps consider changing your position.(Ela'r'oech Charles)
  • OPPOSE Much improved since last nomination, good prose, well-written in most parts and perfect images, though some sections are rather confusing, such as "It was founded accidentally by Charles Madgett in 2018, then in 2019 he made another nation which went defunct for a while until 2020, when on 15 August, it was purposefully established", which should explain more on how it was accidentally and later purposefully founded. Some subsections of its history are short, and I would remove the ones under "Pre-Ela'r'oech" - I would also move Locations and Climate into its own section titled "Geography". I agree with Logan (Aenopia) on the foreign affairs section. Furthermore, all date formats should be dd/mm/yyyy, so not September 16, 2020 or 16th of September 2020, but rather "16 September 2020". Also contains mild spelling mistakes or sentences that can be better worded. ★ ♥︎ Zed 。 (talk | edits | full) 02:11, 5 January 2021 (UTC)
  • COMMENT I am confused though as to why there are any people necessarily opposing the GA Status of this article for the reason of Charles is listening to them and this article is continuously updated. I feel like a good amount of reasoning for these "oppose" views have been amended. (1/2) (User:Anthony Ramirez 3rd)
  • COMMENT (2/2) Charles has been waiting and patiently amending this all listening to the opposition, which is one thing I really respect and I have seen votes change before so I stand with him with reminding you and advising you to change your vote. Do not look at Ela'r'oech's article once. Look at it every day or a few times a day. There's many changes to it constantly. I see it as ; you're never voting for the exact same article in this nomination. Please listen to Charles when he advises you to change your vote. Please look at this article constantly, study it's changes. (User:Anthony Ramirez 3rd)
  • SUPPORT I always liked Charles, however it won't give me any bias when saying this article genuinely blew me away first reading it. Looking at the "OPPOSE" section it would say that there are incorrect date formats (there are none), stubby sections (there are none, maybe one or two I didn't catch), and bad grammar (which I'm admittedly not too good at so I wouldn't know), but at face value without nitpicking I really liked the article. But I'll also admit GA status is for those nitpicked articles that are still good. Could use some more work but I'm gonna support this one, since I really agree with Anthony, but I also agree somewhat with Logan (Aenopia) on the Civil War section. I'm sure it was worse before anything was said about it, but maybe that section could be removed or just expanded upon. I also don't think it fits in History/Ela'r'oech Era. Maybe Domestic Forces/Civil War would have been a better area for it. (Puffs I)

Kingdom of Burdette

Nominator: Isaiah (Chat)
I would like as much feedback as you can give I also wanna see how good the article is.

  • SUPPORT I wrote it and think it's good quality. Isaiah (Chat)
  • OPPOSE Zero images, lack of references, sections need expanding such as Economy, could probably do with a few more blue links and overall the article could do with expansion. Empire of Aenopia flag.png Logan (Aenopia)  Terry Tibbs talk to me  Look at what I've done. Empire of Aenopia flag.png 10:41, 8 January 2021 (UTC)
  • SUPPORT Definitely could use more images, but I helped expand the economy area and it doesn't look too bad. Could use more work but it does look like a good article. Charles
  • COMMENT I added quite a few images. Isaiah (Chat)
  • COMMENT The opening is good, Etymology could be worded better, Geography is a bit short, and Climate can be expanded (i.e. "In general, the climate of Burdette is cool and often cloudy, and mid-year temperatures are generally warm, sometimes hot."), Government and Law and order have minor sentences which could be worded better and can have more blue links. Also if possible images of the land would help improve the overall feel of the article. ★ ♥︎ Zed 。 (talk | edits | full) 03:43, 13 January 2021 (UTC)
  • COMMENT I will beginning fixing the things you have named.
  • SUPPORT Tsar Stefan I (talk) 12:22PM, 19 January 2021 (EST)

Kingdom of Trebor

Nominator: Ives Blackwood (talk) 19:23, 12 January 2021 (UTC)



Article Author Nominator Nominated Approved Votes[1] Approver
Federal Republic of St.Charlie Cajak Fishy 2010-09-16 2010-09-27
(Later stripped of GA status)
5/5/0 Fishy
Observergate SerCenKing Cajak 2010-09-16 2010-09-27 5/4/1 Fishy
Þeûdspråxa Swena Aldrich Lucas 2010-09-16 2010-09-27
(Later stripped of GA status)
5/5/0 Fishy
Students' Isocratic Oligarchy of Yabloko Aldrich Lucas Asam79 2010-09-16 2010-09-27
(Later deleted)
3/3/0 Fishy
Republic of Petorio Ramtak619 Fishy 2010-09-27 2010-10-05 6/4/2 Aldrich Lucas
Cheslovian Federation Kaznia2 Fishy 2010-10-13 2010-10-17
(Later stripped of GA status)
3/3/0 Aldrich Lucas
Technological Federation of Erephisia Billyneil Aldrich Lucas 2010-12-09 2010-12-15 0/0/0 Aldrich Lucas
Kingdom of Überstadt Überstadt Aldrich Lucas 2011-01-24 2011-01-30 5/5/0 Aldrich Lucas
Republic of Secundomia Parker I Parker I 2011-03-24 2011-04-01 4/3/1 Aldrich Lucas
Republic of Ultamiya AuburnAttack21 AuburnAttack21 2011-04-12 2011-04-19 3/2/1 Aldrich Lucas
MicroWiki Influence Survey Aldrich Lucas Aldrich Lucas 2011-04-12 2011-04-19 2/2/0 Aldrich Lucas
Federated Republics of A1 Fishy Aldrich Lucas 2011-04-14 2011-04-26 2/2/0 Aldrich Lucas
St.Charlie Armed Forces Cajak Fishy 2011-04-17 2011-04-26 2/2/0 Aldrich Lucas
Grand Duchy of Flandrensis Flandrensis Flandrensis 2011-04-28 2011-05-08 1/1/0 Aldrich Lucas
Nick Maggiore Cajak Cajak 2011-05-30 2011-06-06 13/13/0 Aldrich Lucas
Riley Small Rsmall Rsmall 2011-07-03 2011-07-11 5/4/1 Aldrich Lucas
Niels of Flandrensis Flandrensis Flandrensis 2011-07-14 2011-07-22 6/4/1 Aldrich Lucas
Declan I, II & V Austenasia Austenasia 2011-07-16 2011-07-23 8/8/0 Aldrich Lucas
Berinese Confederation Irojas Irojas 2011-07-17 2011-07-24 10/8/2 Aldrich Lucas
Prsänëan Credit James Wilary James Wilary 2011-08-09 2011-08-16 6/6/0 Aldrich Lucas
Heinrich Schneider SerCenKing Cajak 2011-08-29 2011-09-07 7/7/0 Cajak
Flag of Berin Mokke Mokke 2011-09-22 2011-09-29
(Later deleted)
5/5/0 Aldrich Lucas
Havnesgade-Amager Havnegade-Amager Havnegade-Amager 2012-04-02 2012-04-09 7/6/1 SiroccanGov
Union of Nemkhav Communists Vitcash Vitcash 2012-04-07 2012-04-14 3/3/0 Fishy
Juclandia Dozzer X Jeremy Oakes 2012-05-08 2012-06-27 4/3/1 Jeremy Oakes
Grand Unified Micronational Austenasia BraydenYates 2012-06-26 2013-01-01 8/7/0 James Wilary
Prsänëan language James Wilary James Wilary 2012-07-28 2013-01-01 7/4/0 James Wilary
Bowie QuentinWyvern Austenasia 2012-12-17 2013-01-01 3/3/0 James Wilary
Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco SiroccanGov James Wilary 2013-01-02 2013-01-10 6/4/2 James Wilary
National Centre of Computing (Sirocco) SiroccanGov James Wilary 2013-01-02 2013-01-10 5/4/1 James Wilary
Alexander Reinhardt Cajak James Wilary 2013-01-02 2013-01-10 5/4/1 James Wilary
Empire of Austenasia Austenasia James Wilary 2013-01-02 2013-01-10 6/6/0 James Wilary
Foreign relations of Indokistan Nabil nordamdie James Wilary 2013-02-02 2013-02-09
(Later stripped of GA status)
2/2/0 James Wilary
Yablokogate Numerous SiroccanGov 2013-02-02 2013-02-09
(Later stripped of GA status)
1/1/0 James Wilary
Inyo, Prsänëa James Wilary James Wilary 2013-02-03 2013-02-10 1/1/0 James Wilary
Organisation of Active Micronations Fishy James Wilary 2013-02-03 2013-02-10 1/1/0 James Wilary
Tiana Puggy Puggy 2013-08-04 2014-05-29 1/1/0 Austenasia
Ashukov Federation JosephKennedy JosephKennedy 2014-06-18 2014-06-23 1/1/0 JosephKennedy
Adam I of Überstadt Überstadt Überstadt 2014-07-12 2014-07-31 1/1/0 JosephKennedy
Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan Leylandiistan Leylandiistan 2015-01-07 2015-05-25 1/1/0 Austenasia
James Stewart FrancisvilleAdmin Sebastian Linden 2016-01-01 2016-02-24 3/3/0 Austenasia
Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia Austenasia Førvania 2016-02-09 2016-05-07 3/3/0 Luxor
Kermadecia DNSgov DNSgov 2016-05-30 2016-06-11
(Later stripped of GA status)
2/2/0 Austenasia
Reylan Imperial Triumvirate Taeglan I Nihilus Kit 2016-06-05 2016-07-24 2/2/0 Austenasia
Deva Victrix Austenasia Austenasia 2016-12-05 2016-12-15 2/2/0 Austenasia
Empire of Pavlov Deniz Deniz 2016-12-15 2017-01-07 6/6/0 Austenasia
Sabia and Verona Ricky Ricky 2016-12-21 2017-01-07 4/4/0 Austenasia
Abeldane Empire MilitarmiaGov Mahuset 2016-12-27 2017-01-07 6/6/0 Austenasia
Kingdom of Florenia Nathan Nathan 2017-01-29 2017-02-20 2/2/0 Austenasia
Democratic Union of British States Bob Christ Bob Christ 2017-05-26 2017-07-05 3/3/0 Austenasia
Empire of Adammia EmperorAdamI EmperorAdamI 2017-07-13 2017-08-01 5/5/0 Austenasia
Abeldane federal election, August 2017 Numerous Ricky 2017-08-31 2017-09-07 4/4/0 Twain
Essian Commonwealth Twain Twain 2017-09-07 2017-09-25 4/4/0 Überstadt
Democratic Duchy of Francisville FrancisvilleArchive FrancisvilleArchive 2018-06-05 2018-07-30 2/2/0 Austenasia
Royal coat of arms of Baustralia KingdomOfBaustralia KingdomOfBaustralia 2018-12-15 2019-01-16 2/2/0 Austenasia
New Florence AnthonyClark AnthonyClark 2018-01-10 2019-02-04
(Later stripped of GA status)
1/1/0 Austenasia
Tsardom of Phokland People's Republic of Phokland People's Republic of Phokland 2019-04-02 2019-04-27 3/3/0 Austenasia
Flag Model of Theodian history Swena Swena 2019-05-09 2019-06-18 3/3/0 Austenasia
Kingdom of Gradonia William GF Wilson William GF Wilson 2019-08-07 2019-08-20 3/3/0 Austenasia
Principality of New Eiffel Z. Luna Skye MissEDconexion 2019-09-20 2019-10-05 2/2/0 Austenasia
Esmond III, Emperor of Austenasia Austenasia Malinovia 2019-09-27 2019-10-17 2/2/0 Austenasia
New Eiffel Main Route 1 Z. Luna Skye Z. Luna Skye 2019-11-11 2019-11-20 6/5/1 Austenasia
Adam I, Emperor of Adammia EmperorAdamI NickRandouler 2019-11-12 2019-12-10 3/2/0 Austenasia
Kingdom of Kohlandia Catherine of Kohlandia Catherine of Kohlandia 2019-11-13 2019-12-11 2/2/0 Austenasia
Principality of Montescano Deniz Deniz 2019-12-10 2019-12-29 2/2/0 Austenasia
Fifth Aenderian Republic Jaydenfromcanada Jaydenfromcanada 2020-01-02 2020-01-23 9/6/3 Austenasia
Empire of Aenopia Aenopia Aenopia 2020-01-09 2020-02-03 4/3/1 MissEDconexion
Kingdom of Baustralia KingdomOfBaustralia KingdomOfBaustralia 2020-02-10 2020-02-19 4/4/0 Niko3818
New Llandudno Aenopia Aenopia 2020-02-09 2020-02-23 3/3/0 Austenasia
New Leeds Z. Luna Skye Z. Luna Skye 2020-07-23 2020-07-24 3/3/0 Austenasia
Federal Republic of Francisville FrancisvilleArchive FrancisvilleArchive 2020-07-11 2020-09-02 5/5/0 Austenasia
William I of Gradonia William GF Wilson William GF Wilson 2020-09-02 2020-10-01 8/7/1 Austenasia
Kingdom of Ikonia Niko3818 Niko3818 2020-09-02 2020-11-01 3/3/0 Austenasia
State of Vishwamitra Oritsu.me Oritsu.me 2020-11-01 2020-12-16 5/5/0 Ives Blackwood
2020 in the MicroWiki community Z Luna Skye Z Luna Skye 2020-12-14 2020-12-26 3/3/0 Austenasia
  1. Total/Support/Oppose

Good article authors and nominators

User Authored Nominated
No. Articles No. Articles
Aenopia 2 2
Aldrich Lucas 2 5
AnthonyClark 1 1
Asam79 1
AuburnAttack21 1 1
Austenasia 6 3
Billyneil 1
Bob Christ 1 1
BraydenYates 1
Cajak 4 3
Catherine of Kohlandia 1 1
Deniz 2 2
DNSgov 1 1
Dozzer X 1
EmperorAdamI 2 1
Fishy 2 4
Flandrensis 2 2
Førvania 1
FrancisvilleAdmin 3 2
Havnegade-Amager 1 1
Irojas 1 1
James Wilary 3 9
Jaydenfromcanada 1 1
Jeremy Oakes 1
JosephKennedy 1 1
Kaznia2 1
KingdomOfBaustralia 2 2
Kit 1
Leylandiistan 1 1
Mahuset 1
Malinovia 1
MilitarmiaGov 1
MissEDconexion 1 1
Mokke 1 1
Nabil nordamdie 1
Nathan 1 1
NickRandouler 1
Niko3818 1 1
Parker I 1 1
People's Republic of Phokland 1 1
Oritsu.me 1 1
Puggy 1 1
QuentinWyvern 1
Ricky 1 2
Rsmall 1 1
Ramtak619 1
SerCenKing 2
Sebastian Linden 1
SiroccanGov 2 1
Swena 2 1
Taeglan I Nihilus 1
Twain 1 1
Überstadt 1 1
Vitcash 1 1
William GF Wilson 2 1
Z. Luna Skye 4 3

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