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MicroWiki is an independent, free and Internet-only encyclopedia established to document all facets of micronationalism. MicroWiki is in no way associated with any particular micronation, new country project or political movement and enjoys no official endorsement by any micronational movement. It is a third-party service that strives to collect information on micronations, micronationalists and assorted micronational concepts in order to provide a comprehensive and fair representation of the micronational world.

Most content on MicroWiki is user-generated and has been compiled by editors or users who are leaders of or citizens of established micronations or micronational institutions. As a wiki, almost every article on MicroWiki is open to editing by the general public. Many articles are the result of user collaboration. It is for this reason that MicroWiki makes no claim to be accurate, although it strives to eliminate false content and label unverifiable content accordingly to maintain factual articles. In many cases, micronationalists create pages for their own micronations as part of publicity and citizen recruitment efforts. Readers are encouraged to remember that it is difficult to verify facts with independent, uncompromised sources when attempting to gauge the accuracy of content.

Users are encouraged to remember that the editing community on MicroWiki is representative of a wide range of political, social, economic, cultural and religious views. As MicroWiki is intended to serve as a platform of intermicronational communication, Administrators are more tolerant of user disputes when they have a basis in micronational politics and are not of a personal nature. For this reason, MicroWiki asserts that it is not responsible for any offence taken from comments of a political nature. Nonetheless, MicroWiki emphasises that it has no tolerance for discrimination, vandalism, or other offensive behaviour without sound political justification. Administrators and users alike actively work to combat vandalism on MicroWiki.

All content on MicroWiki is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 (unported) licence (CC-BY-SA 3.0) and, as such, is distributed under the terms and conditions of that license. MicroWiki strives to ensure that all content complies with United States copyright laws, and with copyright laws of the region from which the work originates. MicroWiki makes no copyright claims on images, videos or other files uploaded by its users. Additionally, MicroWiki strives to comply with micronational copyright laws wherever possible.