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Currently, the OMF has 8 full members and 1 observer.
Currently, the OMF has 11 full members and 1 observer.
*[[File:Aiguesmortes.png|30px|border]] [[Principality of Aigues-Mortes]]
* Kingdom of ABI
*[[File:Angyalistan.jpg|30px|border]] [[Empire of Angyalistan|Empire of Angyalistan]]
* [[Principality of Aigues-Mortes]]
*[[File:Vlag.jpg|30px|border]] [[Grand Duchy of Flandrensis]]
* [[Empire of Angyalistan|Empire of Angyalistan]]
*[[File:HelianthisFlag.jpg|30px|border]] [[Principality of Hélianthis]]
* Empire of Basse-Chesnaie
*[[File:FlagIleVerte.png|30px|border]] [[Principauté de l'Ile Verte]]
* [[Grand Duchy of Flandrensis]]
*[[File:1Drapeau 3.png|30px|border]] [[Republic of Padrhom|Republic of Padrhom]]
* [[Principality of Hélianthis]]
*[[File:FlagofSandus.png|30px|border]] [[State of Sandus|State of Sandus]]
* [[Principauté de l'Ile Verte|Principality of Green Island]]
*[[File:Flag of St. Castin.jpg|30px|border]] [[Valinois—Saint-Castin|Autonomous Province of Valinois—Saint-Castin]]
* [[Republic of Padrhom|Republic of Padrhom]]
* [[State of Sandus|State of Sandus]]
* [[Valinois—Saint-Castin|Republic of Saint-Castin]]
* [[Zirconic|Republic of Zirconic]]
*[[File:Flag of Formori.jpg|30px|border]] Formori community  
* Formori community  

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Organisation de la MicroFrancophonie (OMF)

Flag MicroFrancophonie.png

Headquarters Aigues-Mortes

Official language French

Membership 8 Member nations

Secretary General H.S.H. Princess Olivia-Eugénie of Aigues-Mortes
High Commissioner for MicroFrancophonie H.S.H. Prince Jean Pierre IV of Aigues-Mortes

Foundation May 30, 2015
Websites www.microfrancophonie.org
Facebook official group

The MicroFrancophonie, OMF (Organisation for MicroFrancophony), is a micronational organisation founded on the 30 of May of 2015 with the purpose of promoting harmony between francophone micronationalists. The OMF wants to be a handy tool for its members. It was first initiated by the Autonomous Province of Valinois—Saint-Castin and the Principality of Aigues-Mortes,and four more nations (Hélianthis, Angyalistan, Republic of Padrhom, Sandus) quickly joined the movement and co-founded the OMF, signing its first Charter on the 30th of August 2015.

The Secretary General is H.S.H Olivia-Eugénie, princess of Aigues-Mortes.

The Secretary General is helped by several Deputy Secretaries:

  • Deputy Secretary for Culture and for development of francophony: H.I.M. Olivier (Olivier Touzeau), Emperor of Angyalistan
  • Deputy Secretary for Environment and sustainable development: H.E. Michel Vichat, General Person In Charge of the Republic of Padrhom
  • Deputy Secretary for External affairs and political affairs: H.E. Dominic Desaintes, President-Minister of Saint-Castin
  • Deputy Secretary for Diplomacy and Equity: H.E. Will Sörgel, Sôgmô of Sandus
  • Deputy Secretary for Human rights: H.S.H. Vincent (Vincent Merchadou-Schmitt), Prince of Hélianthis

The High Commissioner for MicroFrancophonie is H.S.H. Jean Pierre IV, Prince of Aigues-Mortes.


Currently, the OMF has 11 full members and 1 observer.


  • Formori community